Monday, February 13

hello apparel giveaway

does anyone have a shop they just love? there is literally nothing they have that you don't like. that shop, for me, is hello apparel! i've been obsessed since their very start and i pretty much everything they've sold. it's a sick obsession and i refuse treatment. 

this pullover is one of their classics. they originally had only 4 different colors: blue, red, black, and green (and yes, i have them all). they are so so so so soft and comfy. they wash incredibly well and it's still just as soft as the day i got it almost 4ish (5?) years ago. since then they've included: navy, dusty pine, a pullover hoodie, and holiday appropriate styles! alkdfhaerhhf! i hate when they come out with new styles cause i'm like well damn i need that too. here are all their sweaters, check them out for real.

they now also have a plethora of fun apparel in their shop. and every single piece is just as soft as their sweaters. not to mention the fun sayings and cute designs they have on their tees (and yes, i have them all,mostly)! i'm telling you, obsessed. can't stop, wont stop. my husband wants to kill me. 

so today, i'm giving away their classic hello pullover! like i said before, it's so soft, so comfy and so easy to throw on with everything. i've worn their sweaters just about every single way imaginable and i looked adorable, obvi. just look at me. insert side eye smirk emoji.

one other thing i love, a lot of their apparel is unisex. which is why i became hooked so easily in the first place i think. i love the baggy, comfy, lazy feel of everyday life, so basically i'm always in the mood for their unisex tees. they also have 'ladies' fit, but those aren't my most fave. still have them tho haha. #wannabeposterchild

i'm wearing a small here. it's the perfect fit for baggy, but not too baggy. i have a medium in black and it's a little more baggy that i can easily throw on with leggings and feel like a rock star. 

aaaand.. wait for it... they also have kids apparel! yup. you're welcome.

so enter using the rafflecopter below and good luck! if you made your way to my site from my instagram, make sure you snag your 'free instagram entry'!
please read terms as rules apply.

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Sunday, February 12

sunday fresh air

last weekend i went back to my hometown to visit and do the whole superbowl thing with the family. that afternoon, before the game, i took the babies on a walk. i had drey snap some pictures of eisley and i because i'm rarely on the front side of camera. and i felt cute sooo there's that. he took like 6 and was like k done haha. so in about 9 months i'll make him do it again. until then, these will be here. i seriously just love her.

my mom brought back that little dress that eisley is wearing from italy. after a while she ended up finding a mud puddle and freakin' dove right in. it was so cute and awesome.. can you taste my sarcasm? little butt head. okay it was cute, but not awesome. luckily i'm the master and i got it clean without having to wash it in hot or bleach the crap out of it. go meee.

Thursday, February 9

be mine giveaway!

i loveee valentine's! it's my 3rd favorite holiday. even when i was single, i rocked it. i mean, my maiden name is 'valentine' sooo i rocked it. so i'm super excited to bring you a fun giveaway from Mommy Scene filled with wonderful prizes for your family and cute little ones! check out what's up for grabs and enter using the rafflecopter at the bottom. good luck lovies!

Prize Collection

Re-Play Valentine's Day Tableware Set
Yummi Pouch Brights Reusable Food Pouches
Pacific Baby 3-in-1 Insulated Baby Bottle (7 oz Cherries) + 1 piece Yellow and Green Straw Top
Taster pack of Amara Baby Food and reusable grocery bag
Four PaigeLauren Baby Caps and a Classic Layette Converter style of choice
Buttons Diapers Cloth Diaper Cover style of choice and Two Daytime Inserts
Handsocks Baby Mittens
One Infanteenie Beenie Newborn Hat (Excludes monogrammed items)
Cozy Blanket Pouch size and color of choice
NogginSeek Peek & Seek Rattle
Babo Botanicals Natural Kisses Lip Tint Trio
Thinkbaby Sunscreen
Bella B Foaming Face Wash and Nipple Nurture
Sleep Zzz Pillow for kids ages 3+
The Shrunks Indoor Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed

Wednesday, February 8

you wanna know what really grinds my gears.

my pet peeves... i've got lots. like categories with sub-categories and those all have bullet points.
and since tyler is sick of hearing me complain, i came here. YOU are welcome. shall we?

what is my biggest driving pet peeve?
GET. OFF. MY. ASS. i can't even deal!  yes i have an issue with going more than 7 miles over the speed limit, but i'm a freakin' mom. and my baby is in the backseat so sue me kay? i can't tell you how many times i've had to have a higher power stop me from slamming on my brakes so that jackass behind me won't plow into the back of me because he doesn't have enough reaction distance. i think it's a necessary lesson, my husband just thinks i need to drive faster. pff you tryin' me right now. you tryin' me!
others include:
  • texting while driving - i hope you wreck & lose your life phone.
  • the one lane construction speeding up & weaseling your way in thing. eff you ya emm effer.
  • thanks for the blinker you inconsiderate dick.
  • if your bass is so high causing eminem to sing static through your speakers, roll your damn window up.
  • STOP PUTTING GIANT EYELASHES ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS. it's tacky. it's ugly. it's disgusting.
what is my biggest shopping pet peeve?
when the person working follows you around like a puppy dog telling you what you'll love. you choosing to work a job based off commission is not my problem. GET AWAY FROM ME. i will not buy anything from you. ever. 
ps. i hated everything you showed me.
pps. i hate you. and you need a haircut.

what is my biggest general pet peeve?
oh my gaaaaawd. where do i start? which one do i choose?! how much time you guys got?
okay my biggest pet peeve is when someone makes random noises with their mouth. like smacking noises. even teeny tiny ones. i can still hear it. like the sound of someone eating a banana or biting their nails or sloppy kissers... you know that noise? i'm getting upset talking about it. it gives me forest whitaker eye like hard. it gives me irrational rage that i'm afraid one day someone is going to pay for it. this rage starts from the tip of my toes & works it's way up.

tyler has this weird habit of playing with his beard hair & putting it in his mouth. i know. and while we're driving i can hear his mouth open & close and it makes the tiniest smacking noise and it makes me want to kill myself. i take a deep breath, whisper a prayer to tom brady & calmly ask him to PLEASE STOP THAT NOW OR I'M GOING TO CRASH THE CAR. 

what is my most irrational fear?
i fear that i'm going to die of a random heart attack due to chest cancer. you guys.. sometimes i become crippled with anxiety. it's real, it fucking sucks, and i hate it. i never know when the next wave will be, sometimes it's spread out in days, sometimes months. and do you know what happens? all i do is stress about my "chest cancer" and wonder when my heart is going to stop beating because that's a real thing. saying it now sounds crazy. but in like 2 days i'll be crying in a corner texting my sister asking her if she'll promise to make sure and have all britney songs in my 'life video' and to throw my uggs in my casket before they put me in the ground. like it's so dumb. and it pisses me off that i have to deal with it. 

*deep breath* *letting it out*

well this was fun, huh! i love having an excuse to complain.
how about you? what pisses you off more than anything? spill it.

Tuesday, February 7

9 things i've learned from my babies.

when i had my first baby, i couldn't believe the type of person i became. i cried at stuff.. like really weird stuff, i started noticing kids in stores and restaurants more and having sympathy for the tantrums they threw, and i started reading 'mom' posts. even while pregnant i would tell myself, i'm never going to read those mom posts, cause they're like so dumb. and then here i am. writing a mom post...

second baby comes and you just accept the fact that these new things you've acquired are just learned from being a mom. your babies have helped you develop into a mama. and that's something i love. so here are 9 things i've learned from my babies.

it's okay to look silly - seriously, i was the queen of baby talk! our babble conversations were/are constant. and don't even get me started on the faces. anything to engage in your baby and make them giggle, right?!

sing! even if you can't - my firstborn loved when i would sing to him. i've got the voice of a dying monkey let's be honest here.. but there was always something that would calm him down when i'd sing to him. now my #2? she's not amused at all when i sing. in fact, she just leaves the room.

indulge in little luxuries - what you take for granted when you're not a mom become luxuries afterwards. pooping alone. showering long enough to let the conditioner sit in your hair for a couple minutes. going to the grocery store alone. eating an entire cookie by yourself. you know, the important things.

separation anxiety is inevitable... - it just is. totally uncontrollable and irrational. my husband and i went to mexico for a week and i still want to cry remembering how felt when we left. it was the best week of my life in the worst kind of way.

and so are mothers instincts - my earliest memory for this was when drey was about one. we were walking down steps to a library and i had a armload of books in one hand and dreys hand in my other. i tripped, my signature walking, and my books were thrown to ground as i broke dreys fall with my body, never letting go of his hand. i replayed the situation in my head a couple times that day and i came to the conclusion that if drey wasn't with me, i probably would've like fallen all over my books and broke my arm haha. moms are superheros for real!

create happy traditions - even if it's something as small as making chocolate pancakes together every saturday morning. i mean, you are in charge of creating memories for your kids, that's a lot of pressure! but also so so cool. create traditions that they'll want to continue with their babies.

the days are long, but the years are short - i wish i had a video diary of everything they do. all day everyday. they learn so much in such a short time that i wish i could re-watch their life. this growing up thing goes by way too fast. 

cherish the little things - i am the worst morning person you'll ever meet, but those 5-10 minutes in bed when everyone is waking up and we're all snuggly and then the excitement when i flip on mickey mouse haha.. the best.

as long as they look good, you look good - here's a motto for ya, my kids are my best accessory. as long as my kids are lookin' fresh, clean, hip, happy, there is no reason for me to brush my hair, right? right. i take the time to make sure they don't look homeless and feral so i don't have to dress up. cause for real, as long as they look good sitting on my hip, i look good. and that's straight from buddah.

what are some things you've learned from your babies? 

Friday, January 27

night at the stanley

ya'll know who stephen king is, right? and remember the book he wrote back in the 70's, 'the shining'?

well... i don't want to brag or anything, but, i was there. at that hotel. but there were a couple things i learned after taking the history tour. stephen king stayed in the famous 217 room while he wrote the book. all of his inspiration came from this hotel in colorado. but it wasn't filmed here! it was actually filmed in like wyoming or something at a more "remote" hotel. pff. still cool tho! there was a miniseries based from the book filmed here tho.. so there ya go.

also.. i know you know harry & lloyd from dumb & dumber, right? the hotel they stayed at in "apsen" was the stanley! name changed in the movie, but same place. racing up the stairs scene, bar scene, outside scene.. i was there. don't be jelly. we landed on the moon!

also.. where are my ghost adventure fan girls at?!

Monday, January 23

utah hogle zoo

so this was the first time baby girl had been to the zoo. she loves animals and i thought before it got too cold, it would be fun to visit! it was about a week until halloween, so we got to see it all decorated and festive. so cute.

drey loves his sister so much, and he was so excited to take her around and show her the animals, make the noises and act a fool to make her laugh. he followed her around, never letting her get to far from his reach and told her everything he knew about anything. "these are zeeee-bruhs but you can also say zeb-ruh because that's the right way." omg freakin' swoon.