Wednesday, November 23

just a bunch of witches

there is a place here in utah called gardner village with little shops, boutiques, and cafes that make wondering around it a fun afternoon! during october they have a freakin' fun month long party called witch fest! you show up in your witch attire, the biggest and trumped out hat you can find/build and dance your heart out all night. along with eating and shopping until you want to die. 

they also have a dinner show that we had never done before, so this year we saw what that was all about. and i really don't know how to explain it, but it was the funniest dumbest thing i've ever watched in my life. i laughed my butt off, but i don't even know what i was laughing at haha. and we were starving when we got there so dinner was delicious.

so it's fun! a night to dress up and act goofy while leaving the kids with your man. it's totally kid friendly, but i'm that mom who will ditch her kids so she can act like one. holler.

i also stole took a pumpkin from the ground that needed a home. i mean, it wanted to come with me, it said so.

utah lovers, who else jams out at witch fest?!
anyone have anything like this in your state? do tell!

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Monday, November 21

homecoming deja-vu

this is the 4th deployment homecoming that i've been through in the last 4ish years. my mom and brother came home from the middle east (iraq and afghanistan) in the same summer of 2011. then my mom left twice more and this last time coming home on thursday the 10th of november. and i'll always remember that date because trump happened that same week. best week everrr.

here and here are the homecoming posts i did back in 2013.

and here is the post that will explain the flamingo thing if you aren't already familiar.

so hopefully she'll stay put for awhile because we love her blah blah.. but also because i'm sick of driving out to the airport to pick her sorry ass up. and how many signs does she have now? like a million? geeezus.

Sunday, November 20

12 days of christmas giveaway!

can you believe it's almost the holidays?!

i am always excited to share some super fun, educational, and problem solving gift ideas for families and bring you another amazing giveaway!

i've personally had a handful of these products (yummi pouch, revelae, sudsy dough, loopy gear..) myself and i can vouche for the greatness. also, mommy scene doesn't work with less than perfect companies so their giveaways are always so so so good.

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Thursday, November 17

lip balm by eos

a couple years ago i took my eos lip balm with me to lake powell (instead of my usual banana boat) for the week. it's all i used the whole time. towards the end of the week, my lips were frieeed! i was so mad that i wanted to swear off those little eos balls forever.

but obviously, if you've ever used a lip balm by eos, you know that it's awesome and you really can't stay away even if you wanted. no matter how hard you tried. not even if you come home from a week at the lake and have a huge sunburn on your bottom lip and then it turns into a nasty boil... yea. even then.

but besides it being so cute on the outside, the inside smells so yummy and makes my lips sooo soft! i love all their variety and i love that they have shimmer in some of them! you can never have enough flippin' shimmer.

so i've got a handful of eos lip balms around my house and in random bags, there's one in my car.. and i was costco the other day and found a 6-pack! my rational insides were telling me emily you don't need this.. don't pick it up... but my other insides, the ones i usually listen to said how cuuuute! so many colors! you don't have this and you need it. SO i made it mine. thanks costco. sorry tyler.

i've got lots of lip balms by eos now and that makes me happy. i love how my lips feel, i love the shimmer, i love the smell, i love the little egg, i love the color, i looove.

and if you're interested in reading more about it, go here and read up!

eos lip balm + you = happiness. you deserve happiness.

what's your favorite lip balm by eos?!

Monday, November 7

make america great again.

the election! we're seeing it everywhere. and if you're anything like me, you seek out information daily on the happenings of DC. and as far as politics go, this past year has been the most stressful, anxious, angry, and ecstatic that i've ever endured! 

as far as my political stance/choice.. mr. trump has my vote! not ashamed and never will be. i voted for him in the primaries for the gop candidate and i happily voted for him again to be our next potus!

the republican party started off with 17 presidential candidates. seventeen! and i will admit, i thought donald trump was a freakin' joke when he chose to run. i really think my mouth dropped open. but the more he talked, the more i listened. and he came out on top of everyone. because america believed in him and voted for him. 

he's not perfect. we're not electing him to be pope. and we as a nation sure as hell aren't perfect either. but i believe with everything i've got, he can help us more than just about anyone right now. and no, i don't think he's the "lesser of two evils". i think he's the freakin' guy who will get shit done. not being a politician is probably his biggest asset (i mean, i guess he is now, but you know what i mean). 

my blog isn't a political blog, so i'm not going to rattle off pages and pages of reasons why i think he's best.

but what i will say is this: i'm a lover of the united states constitution, the u.s. supreme court and other federal courts make up the judicial branch which dissects laws to make sure they don't violate the said constitution, the president appoints those judges. and with vacancies approaching (up to 4!) in that court, we need a president who will appoint justices who truly pledge their allegiance to the united states of america. 

so here i am, in utah - salt lake city, supporting my candidate at the mike pence (vp) rally! i went alone and i made some buddies while in line. 

you guys, i loved it! the best atmosphere, the best people, just the best. there were about 1,300 people inside the place we were at. about another 1,000 didn't make it inside. and about half of all those people were women. and this was just the vice-presidential candidate speaking on behalf of the presidential candidate! 

and if you don't think the media has any negative influence, the local news reported that there were "hundreds" of people there. and focused mainly on the back of the line (which was around the freakin' corner!) and the 2 protesters out front. keep up the good work, utah news. not

anyways. stop bitching, go vote and go trump!