hello! & welcome to my blog.

i'm emily. i'm a wife to my love & mom to our two children. dreydan, 6 and eisley, 1. 

tyler & i met in college back in 2008. we fell fast & we fell hard. we married in 2009 in salt lake city & welcomed little man in 2010. from there we spent the next 2 years cheering for tyler while he finished off his college football career at SUU. now we're living part-time in japan while he plays professionally for the Elecom Kobe Finies. yes, japan has american football! who knew, right. 

i love being outside. hot days, sun shining on my skin while reading my latest book find, and late nights are what i'm made of. summer time is my jam.. every year i can't wait to complain how hot it is everyday. it's just my thing. 

i'm surrounded by family & friends who make my life better. i love that they laugh at my inappropriate humor, put up with my daily celebrity gossip, & let me watch ghost adventures, the dead files & all of the scariest shiz i can find. do you believe in ghosts? because if not, you can find your way out of here. haha jk.. but not really.

my favorite foods are anything to do with asian noodles & stir fry. extra cabbage please! but some chicken fried steak & a huge ass helping of mashed potatoes will do too. extra gravy please! actually, just feed me a platter of chocolate covered strawberries & caramel apples and tell me i'm pretty. with a side of dr. pepper. extra extra ice pleeeease.

i love our world history, the good bad and ugly. i love hiking and love to learn about our world history while doing it. i've got a lot of random history floating around in my brain and one day it will become useful. the history channel is my sunday marathon go-to. ancient aliens? yes please! brad meltzers decoded? uhh duh! and no, i don't believe aliens built the pyramids. we need to give our ancestors a little more credit, don't cha think? but then again, the people of puma punku might've had some help.. haha.

politics. trump supporter! i try to steer away from politics but i'm not ashamed to voice my support nor am i afraid to defend my views sooo come at me. so proud of our guy! #maga 

lazy days are my bidness. i love to rock the top knot & jammies all day long. late breakfast, even later lunch & then munch on junk until bedtime. i'm queen on days like that, especially when i've got my little people & lover with me. we're so good at being lazy, don't even worry about it. 

i have 3 older sisters, an older brother & a younger brother. a niece & 3 nephews. extended family goes on for miles and to be honest, it's all sorts of weird. but family is family & damnit we can't choose any of them! but i love them forever.

blogging is my passionate hobby. i love writing about my life. the raw, the real... maybe some fake made up stuff. guess you'll never know. it's all found right here. it's slowly becoming a small, happy staple in my life that i just love so much. in a weird way, it feels so good to share with the world what i love most. that's my family, my friends & the time i get to spend with them. you won't always love what i post and that's okay, i'm never asking for approval. i just ask that you're kind with your words about content you might happen to disagree with.. and if you must say something, please email me personally. that way you can let it all out & you'll get a much nicer response from me.

i love taking pictures. i'm such an amateur, i do feel like i'm learning though. my brothers would probably disagree, but pshhh they don't even know. mostly i love capturing moments that i can keep forever and forever {what mom doesn't?}, but getting the best image you can out of every snap, that's just a bonus!

i read books like they're going out of style. i love browsing used book store isles, finding hidden gems at thrift stores, and hoarding more of them than i need. i am my mothers child, after all. i have a paper white kindle that i just loveee. i can drag as many books with me as i want wherever i go. but there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands, turning the pages, smelling the creases {what like that's weird? psh}, and saving your place with a random piece of paper you found on the ground. the best. anytime you need a book recommendation, i can help! i've got lots from every kind of genre.. mama's got chu.

i truly believe laughing is the best medicine for your soul. i've read laughing can give you years to your life and i believe it! finding joy in life just makes life better. easier. being a grumpy asshole is so rough and i feel like you have to work so hard to keep it up. i worry about everything and so my anxiety levels are a little out of control.. but laughing and trying to stay in the 'now' and not in the 'what ifs' makes my days smoother. does that make sense? in my head it totally does, but reading it out loud makes me sound like a hippie. whatever. just laugh at life, bitches.

thank you for visiting my blog & stopping by here to read my rambling nonsense. i loooove you guys. also, rambling to be continued...

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