Tuesday, February 21

fashion liar.

i have a confession. i lie sometimes when it comes to fashion. but i do it out of love.. and comedy. because it's fun to tell people lies about where you get your stuff. you find out who the materialistic hoes are and the 180 reactions are amazing.

this past halloween at my witch fest adventure, i was looking for a choker to wear. i stopped at a few places in the mall and was surprised by how pricey they were! a little piece of string for $30 to go around my neck? yea right, claire's! no thanks, Macy! playin' me for a fool. i can go to blue boutique and get one with spikes on it and a leash for less than that.. i'm guessing. i mean i don't really know..

so anyways, i went home and dug through my craft bin and found a black ribbon. bam. choker. and you know what? i've never gotten more compliments on a necklace in my entire life. every time i wear it, at least one person will ask where i got it. "oh this? nordstrom!" "really?! it's SO cute!" other times i'll tell the truth "straight out of a bin dude, it's literally just tied around my neck and tucked in my shirt" "oh really? oh. okay thanks" *insert fake smile*

one time i was wearing it and it had rotated to the front without my knowing (so the knot and long ties were falling casually down my front), and this girl said "oh that's different! i love how your necklace does that..." i was like whaaa and reached up, realizing what happened and i played it off like yea thanks! then she asked where i bought it. i told her hot topic (kind of a goth-ish store, i'm too scared to go in one.. skulls scare me. anyways) and she lit up and said "they have the best fashion, i love that place." do they though?

anyone shop at kmart? i do. hell yes i do. my mom and i have the found the cutest things there. and their shoes.. so cute you guys! for realsies. so i have these little booties that are like my go-to shoe. i wear them with everything! my salon i used to go to, there was a girl who always complimented my stuff. just randomly, i think she was programmed to just say how cute you look i don't know ha. so she told me my shoes were cute and asked where they came from. "kmart!" her reaction was like when you let out a stank fart and you don't say anything and the person next to you gets that double chin, tries to not make eye contact and you can tell they aren't breathing.. it was like that. "oh.. cool" of course kmart is yucky, don't go there. ever.

but what's funny about that girl, is a few weeks later i go back in and she goes "oh my gosh  your shoes!? so cute. where did you get them?" "nordstrom!" "SO cute! i need to go there! they are so cute!" pff.. yea go to nordstrom little girl. you basssic.

i have a backpack i use as my purse, it's basically my everything bag. i've gotten different reactions with that, too. it's from target, but i'll sometimes say nordstrom. what is my obsession with nordstrom? i don't know.. i really don't shop there because i have kmart.. but when i say it's from nordstrom, the high pitch so cute! is a little more high pitch haha and they're so happy. it's just a black leather back pack! but somehow it's more awesome coming from nordstrom.

and does anyone else feel weird when someone asks oh who makes this? as in, a designer. as in, someone a little more ritzy and than jaclyn smith. as in, not american eagle. cause i feel weird like uuhh the tag says attention so whoever that is. you're not E! news and i'm not heidi klum, kay. i'm poor.

so what about you guys?
do you give fashion credit where it's not supposed to be?
is messing with people your thing?
are you a liar?