Wednesday, November 23

just a bunch of witches

there is a place here in utah called gardner village with little shops, boutiques, and cafes that make wondering around it a fun afternoon! during october they have a freakin' fun month long party called witch fest! you show up in your witch attire, the biggest and trumped out hat you can find/build and dance your heart out all night. along with eating and shopping until you want to die.

they also have a dinner show that we had never done before, so this year we saw what that was all about. and i really don't know how to explain it, but it was the funniest dumbest thing i've ever watched in my life. i laughed my butt off, but i don't even know what i was laughing at haha. and we were starving when we got there so dinner was delicious.

so it's fun! a night to dress up and act goofy while leaving the kids with your man. it's totally kid friendly, but i'm that mom who will ditch her kids so she can act like one. holler.

i also stole took a pumpkin from the ground that needed a home. i mean, it wanted to come with me, it said so.

utah lovers, who else jams out at witch fest?!
anyone have anything like this in your state? do tell!

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