Monday, September 15

I don't do my hair anymore.

It's so humid in Japan, I can't keep my curly, kinky hair straight even if I had a freakin' gun to my head. I've straightened my hair only a handful of times since we've been here & it only takes 5 minutes of being outside until I look like a hot mess. And it's a disgusting sight.

So I've changed my routine.

I no longer blow dry my hair.

And I no longer straighten it.

Maybe when fall rolls around, it's not so humid, and the air is cooler will I attempt to make myself look presentable...
Until then, I'm au natural bebe.

My new routine is running product through my hair, after the shower when it's still wet, & then maybe spritzing it with something too. Let dry. Done.

Eventually it makes it's way into a messy bun on top of my head. It's literally messy. Just a big mess.
And sometimes I let it hang from a pony with a headband on to keep the fly away's down.

Oh, and I also don't bother putting on eyeliner anymore either. I sweat. And then it runs down my face & then I look like a next-day whore.. you know? You guys know.

But there is a silver lining to all of this! I can shower, get ready, & be out the door in like 20 minutes.
Say whaaat?! I know.. I've let myself go. For now.

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Sunday, September 14

Favorites! {sunday social}

Favorite Scent -
The insides of old books.
Pretty sure I'm going to acquire a rare disease from doing it but you know what?
Worth it. Hi, I'm Emily & I have a serious problem.

Favorite Food -
Movie theater popcorn, extra large & no butter! 

Favorite Sound -
My little man's belly laugh. Ah, soo cute!
And the sound of sprinklers early in the morning.

Favorite Picture currently on my phone -

Plane ride to Osaka. He's just making himself right at home.

Favorite Memory of the year so far - 

I need to blog about my Powell trip you guys. I've been depriving you.

Tyler has a game this afternoon so we're off to Kobe shortly..
(actually by the time you read this his game will be over... we're 15 hours ahead!)

Answer these questions and then link up your blog for Sunday Social!

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Saturday, September 13

Our week in photo's.

Ty has a game tomorrow afternoon, which is Sunday for us.. 
So while you guys are waking on this Saturday morning, we are saying goodnight to it.
I'll keep you posted, wish him luck!

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Thursday, September 11

What's making my life good right now.

one. Hilary Duff's new song - All About You. I know... I know! But I love her. You can't help who you love! When I was in HS I secretly had to listen to her albums because I didn't want my friends knowing that 'So Yesterday' & 'Love Just Is' were my favorite songs. Teeny bopper at heart and I am not ashamed anymore, people. 

two. The bakeries here! They are E V E R Y W H E R E. Seriously I'm going to eat myself into obesity if I can't stay out of them. I don't know what anything is when I get it, but I loooove finding out.

three. IG giveaway's! I've won like 4 in the past couple of months & I'm not even trying. It's getting a little out of control but I. AM. NOT. COMPLAINING. Also, I have a secret. 2 of them I didn't follow the shops like I was supposed to.... and I won anyways. Yup. Suck it.

four. Adventure walks. If it's not too hot we plan a day to go walking & I love it! Sometimes we go as a family & sometimes Ty is at practice so just Drey & I go. We always discover something fun & we ALWAYS find a bakery. Holler. You can see our latest adventure here.

five. Ramen noodle restaurants. Probably my favorite food here thus far. Here is a menu...

six. Our roof deck. It's my escape from the hubs & little man for a small time while I soak up some rays. And sweat my damn face off... I don't love that part.

seven. Our go-to movie/tv website.. We can't stream Netflix or my Amazon Prime instant movies in Japan so we had to improvise. Pretty sure it's an illegal site so I'm not going to share it with you. Just know it's awesome & we can watch whatever our little hearts desire! Like Modern Family and Mike & Molly. All day erry day.

eight. Snapchat! I've always loved my snaps but I love them even more now that I can't communicate with everyone that I want. They are little presents that are so fun to open, they are the best. Keep 'em coming! And if you want to join my awesome snapchatness, you can add me @eemilyosbornee. 

nine. Spending most of my days with my love. I can't remember the last time Ty & I had this much free time together. It's been great for our relationship and I've been loving it. 

What's been making your life good right now?

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Monday, September 8

A walk in our hood.

When Ty is away at practice, Drey & I pass the time by exploring our neighborhood.
We always stop for drinks & if homeboy is good, we also stop at the 100 yen store for a new toy.
Each time we go a little longer & a little further... this was one of those times.

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Saturday, September 6

Tempozan Harbor Village

We took a little mini trip to Tempozan Harbor Village in Osaka. We went to the Aquarium Kaiyukan (which is one of the largest in the world.. nbd) spent a couple hours admiring japanese fishy's, spider crabs (ew!), jellyfish, penguins & giant sharks. There were a few fish that I'd never seen before in my life & were extremely interesting, however, I feel like once you've been to an aquarium, you've been to them all. This one just had a little Japanese twist on it. Super high & it just winds you down, down, down... Pretty cool.

Afterwards, Ty took us on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel! It's freakin' huge. It was about a 20 minute ride around & it takes you up to view the city as far as the mountains on one side, ocean on the other. Tyler is afraid of heights (it's true! the big guy!), so he didn't look out much haha. Oh! This is for my Harry Potter fans... there is a Universal Studios here in Osaka & they have Hogwarts!! AND I could see it from the Ferris Wheel! Talk about getting me giddy like a 9yr old! Ty said he will take us when the air gets a little cooler (october maybe.. my birthday?) & I can not wait!

once again, these pictures were taken with my iphone
sorry about the quality & lighting!

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