Thursday, October 2

Happy October.

I feel privileged to step into the 1st day of October before you guys. A whole 15 hours..
but then I get mad thinking I'll be out of it first, too. My dilemma's are real.

We celebrated the first day of my birthday month (hint, hint) and went to Shinsaibashi.
It's a city, or an area, or something.. I'm not really sure. There were lots of people,
food, shopping, & shockingly American Tourists! It sounded weird recognizing words people
were saying behind me. AND they had Halloween decor up! Whaaat?! Felt like home :)

Oh! Tyler & I scored some vintage football sweaters from some underground store.
Actually it wasn't a score. We could've gotten them wayyyy cheaper in America but whatever.

 Half lost...


 Obviously we ate these like fat kids.

 Heard of the black burger from BK only in Japan? Yea.. they were sharing it. (gag!)
And yes, we ate at Burger King, okay? I miss greasy, unhealthy fast food.

 We love pumpkins and donuts.


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Thursday, September 25

don't stop me now.

I received this shirt for Dreydan from Young One Apparel. It was my first item ever from them
and I was pleasantly surprised! It's extremely soft & light weight. A great little tee, I just love it.

And it goes perfect with Drey's attitude he's got right now haha...

hat: a random japanese boutique at the train station
shirt: c/o Young One Apparel - insta @youngoneapparel
pants: 77kids (no longer in business, muahaha)

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Wednesday, September 24

Osaka Castle.

Our view walking up the grounds 

 Bottom gate entrance, original.

Original stairs - we were walking on modern stairs built to the side 

 Part of the mote surrounding the castle grounds

Old man having a rough day. He even kicked his crocs off before knocking out 

Ancient Japanese cannon

 Before crossing the bridge to the castle grounds

Tyler handling the camera... 

I love these trees.

View of Osaka from the top of the main tower 

Original stone base wall from the 14th century 

Tickets, check. English pamphlet, check. 


Opposite side of castle + my lovies.

So this castle was first built in 1583. Over the years, it was burned down from fires & destroyed by war.
Reconstructed several times, the final project was done in 1995.
Although this is a concrete reproduction of the original, the grounds, the buildings surrounding it &
artifacts displayed inside the castle are very much original. It was amazing!

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Monday, September 22

american cool.

 The Japanese styles out here are veryyy different from America.
I'm talking crocs, hello kitty, platform shoes, anime on e v e r y t h i n g.

Those pants are from a little department store down our street here & they're very common
on little children. They love the baggy pants/capri styles with crocs & a shirt that doesn't match.

I'm guilty of buying him a pair of Lightning McQueen crocs.. they were on sale for like $3! I had to.
And I love just throwing on any shirt with his polka pants haha.. with an American twist, obvi.
Shirt is from an online shop, Grey Ham NYC. Insta -- @greyhamnyc

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