Monday, May 25

installing custom fonts to your blogger

there are a lot of tutorials to help you get your custom fonts into your blogs codes. but the 'better' ones are so confusing to me! there is just too much content and pictures and blabbering about what? why am i here again? so hopefully mine will be easy enough to help you get through the process on your own without feeling overwhelmed! be sure and backup/restore your blog before adding any codes to your template, okay. ready?

first thing is, you need a font you love! so to get that, we need to head over to google web fonts. they have tons of fonts to choose from and you don't need to download any of them to use it on your site, which i love. so find your font & then click add to collection. once it's in your 'font family', click use.

it's going to bring you to an 'ALMOST DONE!' page. scroll down to points 3 and 4. these are the only codes you'll need. copy the first code (number 3). keep your google fonts page open because we are going to need the codes for steps 2 and 3.

note: the font i've chosen is 'give you glory', but your font should be in place of that. 

STEP TWO.   open up blogger >> template >> edit html

click anywhere inside your template and hit CTRL + F or COMMAND + F for a search box to open. type in <:skin> and press enter. it will take you directly to that tag, which will be highlighted in yellow. paste your link you copied from google fonts above the <:skin> tag. once you've done that, we need to add a forward slash to the closing bracket.... so it looks like /> instead of just >

after you've done that, hit SAVE TEMPLATE

basically what we just did was connect your google font to your blog. now we need to guide it to how & where you want it used. which brings us to...

STEP THREE.   from template, go to customize >> advanced >> add css

here is where you can integrate that font anywhere on your blog. you're the boss. to apply your font to a certain part of your blog, i've got a few codes below for different area's. all you need to do is copy & paste that certain html with YOUR font css (for example, mine is {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;} ) from your google fonts page (point 4) to the blogger css text area that you should have open. like this....

change your sidebar title font

.sidebar h2 {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;}

change your post title font, h3.entry-title {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;}

change your previous/next link font

.blog-pager a {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;}

change your blog header font

.Header h1 {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;}

change your post body font

.post-body {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;}

change your post footer font

.post-footer {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;}

change your date font

.date-header span {font-family: 'Give You Glory', cursive;}


you will instantly see your fonts change once you've got your code in your css text box. hit enter once you're done pasting. if all looks well to you, APPLY TO BLOG.

and you're done! i really hope this was helpful. if any part of this was confusing, please don't hesitate to email me or comment with your questions. 

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Wednesday, May 20

mom, can we have a dog?

that dreaded question. seriously, i cringe when drey asks me about getting a pet. full disclosure: i don't hate animals okay. but ughhhh. i don't want any. ever. i don't want a dog, i don't want a cat, i don't want a bird, i don't want a hermit crab, i don't want a salamander. i just don't. ever. no fish either, ew. eventually i'm going to lose the battle because dreydan wants some type of animal/pet so bad and tyler is a sucker for anything his son begs for. but i'll be holding my ground for as long as i can. 

i swear i don't hate animals. i just don't want any as pets. i don't want to take care of them, i don't want to spend money on them, i don't want to clean up after them.. haha i sound awful, i know. but mostly, i don't want to get attached to them! my mom and step dad recently had a dog die that they've had since i was in like middle school. dreydan was heartbroken! and i was too, she was so sweet. her name was snuggles, that's how freakin' sweet she was. i had pet cats growing up and i just loved them so much. we had this cat, her name was darla, and she the best. actually, she was kind of an asshole, but she knew we loved her. after she died, we got another. i was in love and then it died. and then we got another. it died. we lived in this house in the country that i swear was killing our animals.. true story. 

anyways, pets just aren't my thing anymore. i fall in love easily and i can't risk it. tyler, believe it or not, is a big fat cat lover. if he had to choose to save the life of a helpless little kitty or mine, he'd probably choose the kitty. which really is understandable. i mean, you can't make eye contact with a kitten and look away without feelings. but then it has to live inside and i'm not even going to go where i want to go with indoor pets.. all i will say is: hair. litter box. drool. random smells. me. no.

as far as the other ones go that he's asked for, like fish, no. just no. my sister had a fish tank that she kept in our living room growing up and i secretly hated them. like what was the purpose? she had one fish that kept eating the other ones and so she'd get new ones,  only to be eaten again. that fish was out for human blood too, i just know it. and then when she'd clean out the tank.. ughhh! so gross. it was messy & smelled like ass. i will never ever have anything to do with fish. unless it's salmon and it's going in muh belly. because i already know i will be the one taking care of any pet that comes into the house. and chances are, i will probably love it the most. because i'm a mom and that's how moms are wired. and like i said.. i just can't risk that.

so dreydan boo, to answer your question. no, we can't get a dog. but pleeeaaase don't ask dad.

Mamas Tell All

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Tuesday, May 19

lately via iphone

universal studio's japan. went a little cray on the games... 

flight delayed. so schoolwork on the floor. holler. 

ty & drey on flight of the hippogriff, hogwarts! 

i always need a mister donut. #sofat 

really the only reason we went to universal was to spend too much time here for drey. and it was closed. awesome, right? 

our yummy farewell cake. 

1 hour down, 9 to go... byeee japan!

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Monday, May 18

installing a custom post divider

after showing you how to get rid of your post divider in my spring cleaning post, i've had a handful of bloggers email me and ask how to install a custom one instead. so after helping them, i thought i'd just post a simple tutorial so you could do it yourself.

first, get your design! if you need somewhere to design it, picmonkey or gimp are free photo editing/designing sites to make it easy for you. once you've got one, you need to upload it to photobucket. once there, keep that tab/page open because we will need to go back for your direct link.

now go to your blogger template >> edit html

click anywhere inside your html template & hit CTRL + F or COMMAND + F to open up a search box. inside the search box type in .post { and hit enter. it will pop up highlighted in yellow. right below the .post { tag, copy and paste this code.....

once pasted, go back to photobucket and copy your direct link url and paste it inside the parenthesis'. once done, it should look like this:

you can change the position of your divider depending how you want it. the last highlighted line you can change to either bottom center or bottom right or back to bottom left. play with it and see what you like!

note: if you had your default post divider transparent before we started, you shouldn't need to do this next step. every blog i've worked on has been a little different though. SO.. if you want to rid your default divider altogether, delete this last line....

before saving your template, always preview it!

if you loveee, hit SAVE and you're done!

questions? shoot me an email or leave a comment below! or if you need help designing and installing something customized for you, check out my pricing page for more info.

i hope this helps!

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Tuesday, May 12

favorite color swap

so i signed up to do this swap the other day & i'm really excited about it! you can read about it (and sign up yourself!) here if you're interested. but basically, you get partnered up with another blogger, given their favorite color & then send them a package with stuff you think they may like associated with that color. and vice versa for you.

i think it will be a fun experience. i get to stalk a new blogger.. i love stalking people. plus i love getting mail, soooo. 

get all the deets over at chaotic goddess swaps! hurry though because signups close on the 18th.

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adding a custom signature to your posts

when starting your blog, the more customization you have added to it, the more you love it. and the more it starts feeling like home. you want your blog to stand out and you want it expressing who you are. i've had a lot of new bloggers ask me to add the custom signature to their posts. it's so easy, so for those who get stuck trying to do it, i want to show ya!

so first you need a custom signature. if you don't already have one & photoshop isn't an option for you, there are free alternatives like gimp & picmonkey to help you design a signature.

once you've got your design, upload it to photobucket & copy the image HTML.
note: make sure your image is sized to your liking before you copy and paste to your blog. you can edit from photobucket if you need to.

now go to your blogger settings >> posts and comments >> post template. paste your HTML in the text box provided. your signature, by default, will align to the left. if you want it to show up centered every time without adjusting it in your post, just add <center> to the beginning of the code and </center> to the end of it.

hit SAVE SETTINGS and you're done! 

every new post from here on out will have your signature. older posts won't unless you go back and add it.

if you have any problems with this or questions, just let me know! i hope this helps.

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Sunday, May 10

mother's day

dreydan loves me being pregnant. he loves laying next to me & being silly while talking to his sister. he always says mom is she awake? and puts his hands on me to see for himself. and like clockwork, she will respond to his voice with kicks and shoves. he's addicted to her little movements and it's so incredibly cute.

i love being a mommy to this sweet little man. and i can't believe i get to love another little someone just as much. i was worried my heart wasn't going to be big enough for someone else. sometimes i'm still worried.. like how can i love another baby as much as i love dreydan? but each day that passes, i know it's totally possible. i already can't imagine not having her. 

the only thing i want this mother's day is a healthy, growing baby girl. i look forward to her bladder punches every night & random dance parties throughout the day because i'm pretty sure that's her way of saying i'm still good up in hurr! 

happy mother's day to all mommies! especially mine, the bestest of them all.

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Saturday, May 9

cinco de mayo in osaka

there was a cinco de mayo celebration in osaka this past week. we had no clue what to expect but because we figured there'd be tacos, we went. it was actually a little bigger than i'd expected. there was a fair amount of food booths & a stage with singing amigo's. and because i couldn't have one, i craved a margarita the whole time. yuuuum.

it was weird seeing mexican food being eaten with chopsticks. you're supposed to pick up your tacos and burritos and man handle the shiz out them. right? i felt like that old lady in the insurance commercial standing there staring at all these people thinking that's not how this works.. that's not how any of this works!

so anyways. we stayed for a bit, walked around, tried out different foods (a little sketchy but hey..), had some amazing churro's & did some face painting. 

we had fun. felt like home! like just another saturday afternoon in utah haha. 

these next few pictures were ones that drey took. he begged me for my camera so i let him hold for a bit. pretty much all the ones he took were blurry haha, but he snapped his best. ps -- yes that's my ass and no we don't know those people at the bottom.

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Friday, May 8

my favorites right now // pinterest edish

i'm starting to get excited for a little miss & i'm blowing up pinterest with everything girl. 
fabric mobile via

i love sweet and simple prints like these. and this shop is on point.. i love so much.
print via 

succulents in a pineapple vase. like, seriously? 'nuff said.

thiiiiis rug. it's currently sold out but i couldn't afford it anyways. so i repin like every other day to make up for that.
rug via 

infused water. now that the warm weather is rolling back around, i crave it so much.
water via

what are you crushin' on right now?
linking up with april for five on friday

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