Saturday, August 1

swap showoff!

i just recently received my package from the local flavor swap & it is gooood. i blogged a little while back about my partner and where she's from (georgia!) and yes, peaches. i love it all. my son has snagged the peach jelly beans from me and won't give them back... 
dickey farms peach jelly beans, local honey, dickey farms peach preserves, greenway farms bread & butter pickles. 
yes to everything! 

thank you to kristen over at balanced mama! xoxo

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Tuesday, July 21

adding a sidebar border between gadgets

there are lots of ways you can customize your sidebar in blogger. for this tutorial, i'm just going to show you how to add a simple sidebar border between your gadgets, kind of like the one i have on mine. you'll be able to customize it a little bit to your liking, but there is no image designing involved, just coding.

so go to your blogger template >> customize >> advanced >> add css

copy the code below, paste it into you css text area, and hit enter..

from here, you can play with the coding a little bit and find what you like!

+ the 2px will change the sizing of your border.
+ you can change the word dotted to either dashed or solid or double, depending on your preference.
+ you can also change the color! the #000000 is the number for black. if you want something other than that, go here and find a color number to input.

don't forget to APPLY TO BLOG once you're done. and that's it!

like i said before, there are a lot of ways to customize your sidebar. if you need help with any of that information or have questions about anything, just shoot me an email! or you can look into my pricing page for custom work.

hope this helps.

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Tuesday, July 14

it's the little things // snuggling a chicken

dreydan is obsessed with the chickens, roosters and ducks that run around at his grandparents house. some will follow him around, let him get close and even let him pick them up. others.. not so much. like one of the roosters. he's kind of an asshole. anyways, the other day he was chicken whispering and he picked one up he had never held before (so he says. i can't keep track, they all look the same to me). he was soooo excited haha. he specifically told me to take pictures of it and send it to his aunts and uncles (random selection of people too btw, it's normally send this to my dad! whatever). but i mean, look at his little grin.. i just love it. 

Sadie Sky Boutique

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Monday, July 13

Local Flavor Swap!

well, i'm at it again! i had so much fun participating in the 'favorite color swap' that i had to do it again with the local flavor! i've been paired with a sweet gal over at balanced mama who is from georgia & i can't wait to see the local goodies she picks out for me. i mean, she asked if i liked peaches.. yuuum!

anyways, signups have closed, BUT chaotic goddess swaps always has different swaps going on so be sure to check them out and follow them for all the updates! 


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Wednesday, July 1

my pregnancy essentials

your first time being pregnant, you literally have no clue what to expect. you can't even fathom the changes your body goes through. emotionally, hormonally ( << is that a word?), physically.. it's an experience, that's for sure. you'll get a ton of advice from lots of people, which might be helpful and might not be. that's for you to decide. your second pregnancy, in my case, you kinda know what worked for you the first time, what you loved, what you hated, whose advice you will listen to but will immediately throw out the window because they're bat shit crazy, etc.. you know. 

so i've compiled my pregnancy essentials that i've needed (and still need) along the way. the good, the bad, and the totally disgusting..
you're welcome.
stretch mark lotion - we'll start with this one. there are tons and tons of lotions out there for you to pick from that will "help reduce the appearance of stretch marks!".. but i wanted one to avoid them altogether. guess what? doesn't exist. i remember when i was pregnant with drey and talking to my doctor about stretch marks and he said did your mom get stretch marks? because it's genetic and you will get them no matter what lotion/cream it is or how much of it you use. and damnit he was right! i did get stretch marks. BUT after baby, they faded almost immediately. my skin bounced back to where it was and there wasn't any 'loose' looking skin. so i concluded (to myself) that it was the lotion i lathered on 500 times a day. i'm hoping i'm as lucky this time around as i was the last..
coconut oil - i didn't do this with my first pregnancy but i h i g h l y recommend it! the belly itch. you moms know, right? you know that belly itch! and i refuse to feed it with scratching. so whenever my tummy starts itching, i rub coconut oil on it and cover it with a belly band or a stretchy tank made out of the same material. so good, you guys. it works like a gem. scouts honor. i also sometimes put it in my bath water and let it soak into my skin. you can find coconut oil pretty much anywhere, but i prefer to use trader joe's brand. it's organic, it's virgin, it's only $6.. haha seriously though, i've tried others and that's the one i like the most.

panty liners - oh ew gross, you don't want to know, right? too bad. because all the other disgusting stuff that comes out of you while pregnant, i have one more. and it's pee. i know i'm not alone on this! ya'll can scoff and judge me all you want but i have dribble issues. and if i sneeze or cough or laugh too hard, it's a little more than dribblage. so i keep pads with me at all times and i call each one thee elephante, with the french drawl included. i just.. i need them, okay. and you probably do too.

granny panties - while we're on the subject.. granny panties are a staple in everyone's pregnancy (tyler 100% disagrees and i think he secretly throws my grannies away..). i don't care who or what you are, you need them. you might just not know it yet. there comes a point in pregnancy where it's just not comfy anymore to wear a lace thong or your favorite cheeksters from VS. but you're in desperate need to feel like you again so you put them on anyways. 2 hours later you find yourself in a walmart bathroom ripping off your cute lacy undies, throwing them against the wall while yelling no! and putting on a new pair of oversized, florescent grannies you hastily snagged because your vagina was dying for air. and then the awkward stare down from the teenage cashier as he rings up your opened underwear package, secretly knowing. judging. but you don't care because you feel soo much better. or was that just me? whatever.. i'm just saying you need your grannies so you feel comfy at all times. and so your elephante will fit better.

flip flops - i know this sounds like a want rather than an essential.. but i can assure it's very much an essential! your feet are swollen and they only get worse. and the shoes you wear with those swollen toesies will forever be re-sized. and your post pregnancy feet will be like whaaat is going on here?! my advice? get some flip flops that you don't love (cheap, plain, think old navy..) because they will stretch giving your chubby feet temporary comfort. and then afterwards, you don't feel bad about never wearing them again. and if you're the preggo lady who wears wedges and heels until the very end, well... you're in the wrong place. i have nothing for you. except hatred.

hot baths - i will never deny myself a bath. even if it's a short 15 min take the pressure off the back and read my book kind of bath, i'll do it. and baby girl loves them, too! she goes buck wild when i'm soaking in the tub. my belly seriously looks like popcorn is popping inside me. and to make my bath a little more soothing, i will add a packet of aveeno's colloidal oatmeal bath treatments. and then break apart some of the floating oatmeal clusters and rub them on my belly to help relieve itching. it's that good good, i'll tell ya.

tums - tums for breakfast, tums for lunch, tums for dinner. tums after i drink water. tums all day.

my pregnancy app - i can't keep track of what day of the week it is or remember anything i'm supposed to be doing.. so my 'progress app' is very helpful in reminding me where i'm at during these 9 months. people will ask how far along are you?! and i'm supposed to shout back 7 months and 12 days! wahoo! but instead, i stare at them with a blank look like whaaa-umm? i don't.. hold on...  i told you guys what i thought about that dumb "pregnancy brain" study they did. it's. real. i'm living proof of this. i swear i'm a somewhat smart person, but i've been struggling. it's a miracle we come out as we were after all this.

water - staying hydrated is very important. when you're pregnant, i feel like it's even more important. getting all those fluids in you everyday is sometimes a task, but you have to do it. i have water with me pretty much wherever i go. i'm always thirsty and if i'm downing water i don't feel tempted to get a giant fountain dr. pepper. okay, i'm tempted, but it's less likely i'll do it. only downside, i always have to pee. which is where my elephante comes in handy. haha..

maternity leggings - i don't know what i ever did in my life without these. i've said it before, i will never wear normal leggings ever again. they are the whizzle to my wazzle, love at first sight, my mistresses (<< yea, plural), my everything. every woman, pregnant or not!, should own at least 2 pairs of maternity leggings. this is not a drill! your body will bow to me, and i'm prepared to accept these bows. namaste.

so what about you guys?! i know there were things you just couldn't live without when you were pregnant and i want to know what they were.  

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Saturday, June 27

hello apparel + giveaway!

hello apparel started up in november 2012. i've been obsessed since the very beginning & have always supported & sported their apparel. i remember browsing instagram and coming across their account for the first time and thinking ooo cute sweater! don't mind if i do... and then i was hooked for life. i loooove their fabric and since i'm not about the fitted tee lifestyle, so i love the unisex options that most of their apparel offers. 

they have a big variety of stuff, too! everything from human to tiny human to dog. they've got it. not to mention the accessories & home decor.. AND next month they're launching a bunch of new summer items! ahhh i seriously can't wait. i stalk their instagram religiously. they're always posting fun fan photo's and new upcoming merchandise. and then i tag my mom and we're like let's dooo it! with all sorts of gangster emoji's and then i'm happy the rest of the day haha. my life is simple...

my favorites? oh i'm so glad you asked. here are some of my favorites from the plethora of yumminess that is hello apparel... 

the 'i'm not tired', bottom right camo tee and the middle tank i have in kids sizes for drey (among lots others). and i love them for him just as much as i love them for me. and the temporary tats are his faveee. i mean, any tats are cool with him, but i always have these on hand and he's never complained ha. even when someone questions his manhood and asks why he's got a heart on his arm... he says "cause i like 'em". that's muh boo. 

would you believe me if i said this was only about half my gear? not bragging or anything buuut i could be the new face of hello.. *ahem*.. anyone? anita, call me!

so because of my situation right meow, i'm featuring hello's 'i'm so pregnant' tee. cause you know, i am pretty pregnant. 34 weeks! ahhh.

hello silver necklace c/o hello apparel found here
'i'm so pregnant' maternity tee c/o hello apparel found here

i always feel weird posing for fashion pictures.. like, what am i supposed to do with my hands? should i smile directly? is the camera "supposed to be there" or not... i just don't have the answers. anyways, this tee right here is a gem. it's lightweight, stretchy, easy to wear.. it's perfect. i'm around 5'3" and wearing a small. so they run pretty true to size, maternity speaking. however, anything else hello has to offer, i normally size up because like i said, i like the loose fitting look when it comes to my tops.

hello doodle poster with crayon pack c/o hello apparel found here

and how cute are these doodle posters?! we had fun coloring this bad boy together one morning. drey kept getting mad at me for using the wrong colors on certain images. he's so mean to me... but it turned out adorable. and i've decided they're going to be fun gifts to give to people. mostly little people but adults could get some use out of it too. depends on how you adult. plus it comes with crayons! bonus.

do you have anything hello? would you like something hello? because there is a chance for you to win a $30 gift card to their shop! so.. enter using the rafflecopter below, share with your friends, and in the meantime, check out their shop here. they've also got a summer sale going on - 50% off select merchandise! that's a no brainer. HELLO. <<< did ya see what i did there? ha i'm funny.

for all updates on everything hello follow their instagram account @helloapparel!
and like their facebook page here!

good luck entrants!

Wednesday, June 24

my preggo life this time around

i've mentioned before how this pregnancy is so much different than my first. and the further along i get, the more i realize how night & day it really is! i feel like every month brings something new (and more often than not, shitty) that i never experienced with my first.

so it started from the very beginning with my boobs. which is normal, right? your boobs get sensitive and you're like oh i need to make sure i stuff my purse with tampons and chocolate or you're preggo. obviously in my case it was the latter. but along with the extreme sensitivity i experienced, they also hurt sooo bad. tears would well up in my eyes when i'd get bumped the wrong way or i had a certain bra on or something. it was the worst. 

and then came the morning sickness. which in my case was the all freakin' day and night sickness for pretty much the first 21-22 weeks of my pregnancy. flying internationally during that time was not anything i ever want to do again. the worst flight of my life! i'm already sensitive when it comes to air/car sickness, but this was a whole new level of someone just kill me. and then once we were in japan, we had neighbors who smoked and anytime you opened a window you could smell their cigarettes. fish and cigarettes. talk about puke! that would put me out the rest of the day. and seriously, i might sound dramatic, but i had to lay in bed for hours at time to rid my nausea from certain smells. tyler thought i was crazy and he's probably right, but when you're pregnant, you just can't help it!

weight gain. i don't wanna talk about it. fml..

and then the heartburn/acid reflux. with drey, i experienced it towards the very end. i had to sleep upright for prob the last month of my pregnancy. which was fine, i mean i had no complaints about that. but it has started much earlier this time! of course it has, right? and it hasn't stopped. and don't tell me she's got loads of hair because that's what everyone said about drey and he came out with old man wisps. and my friend who just had an orangutan baby never had any heartburn ever. so that myth/theory is piff to me.

allergies. every year, first week of june, like a damn clock, no matter where i am, my allergies flare up. it's been like that my whole life and i'm used to it by now. i have my claritan that i pop everyday, my eye drops and tissues. this year, i was also moving into a new place that first week of june and unpacking boxes that have been sitting in storage for a year and collecting dust. DUST. my weakness in life. i borderline need an epi-pen when i get anywhere near it. so along with my annual allergy flare up, i had dust allergies which make me cough and sneeze uncontrollably. which then ruined my voice box so i talked and hacked like a seasoned smoker. if that wasn't bad enough, i coughed so long and hard that i tore a rib ligament.. yea. so now i feel a small pop throughout the day during certain movements & sneezes. and it. is. painful.

sleeping. all i can say is, i miss being able to roll from side to side without sitting fully upright first. and i miss sleeping on my belly. other than that, you mama's know what sleeping is like right now. although, i do have an incredible mattress pad that i just sink into and i can omit my tummy pillow. it's heaven. and my schedule is so weird. like one day i'll wake up around 7am and be ready to climb a mountain. the next i'll drag myself out of bed after 10am and not do a damn thing all day. i never know what to expect. luckily, drey is so chill that he just rolls with whatever kind of day it happens to be. love him.

also, i feel like i waddle a little more than i did with drey. actually, i don't think i waddled at all. but now i do. i need to be totally aware of my walking so i can concentrate on not waddling haha. it's a lot harder than you think.

preggo brain. it's real people. i am sooo dumb. i can't remember anything for the life of me! and when someone is talking to me, i will zone in and out like 9 times and have no control over it. i'm really trying, i promise. 

time.. is it just me or have i been pregnant for like 3 years now? because it feels like i've been through multiple pregnancies. duggar style. dreydans pregnancy flew by! but baby girl.. she's dragging these 9 months on like she can control them. not sure how she's doing it, but she is. i'm not crazy.

and okay yea, i've complained more this pregnancy than i ever did with dreydans. i'm like girls are the worst! sometimes i feel like i'm being insensitive..  but really, i'm so happy. i love love loooove feeling her roll around inside me. she moves constantly and it's just so good. i love preparing her room, folding pink clothes, talking about her with drey & ty like she's already in our arms.. it's sooo good. she responds to our voices, which dreydan thinks is the coolest thing in the world. and when i'm laying in bed rubbing coconut oil all over my belly (takes the itch away!), she responds with rolls and kicks and punches and whatever else she's got going on. i want her so bad, but i know she's safe right where she is, so i'll wait just a little longer. 

so what about you guys? how did your pregnancies differ? tell me everything..
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Monday, June 22

love for baby girl

i'm not gonna lie, it felt weird having a baby shower! i've always said that a second baby shower is only justified if the second baby is a different sex. and then it was my turn and i questioned that logic.. what do you guys think? 

anyways, it was great. i loved seeing my favorite people, mingling with family & opening gifts with little tiny pink surprises in them. like seriously you guys.. pink! ruffle bums, lace, and everything so dainty. ahhh i'm still just not sure how to handle it haha. i'm a boy mom! the transition is going to be crazy.

my sis in law made the cake, my mother in law made like 8 blankets for baby girl (swaddlers, quilts, errthang. she sews like nobodies bizz), and everyone else brought the only thing i'm lacking.. onesies! i loved it.
thanks mama for planning and making the day so simple and fun. it was perfect. 

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Sunday, June 21

father's day

i mean, right? haha

for all you dad's out there, i hope you have the best day. 

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Monday, June 15

Sunday, June 7

oh, hiiii

whoa. i'm writing a post. whaaat? it's been forever, i know. i've actually had a very busy couple of weeks guys. my lack of content is justified! and i know i've already apologized to a couple of my clients, but again, i'm sorry! it's sooo hard coming back from another country, getting your shiz out of storage & situated ready to move, moving, starting the unpacking process, making sure you make family functions in between all of that because heaven forbid you don't divide your time up equally, keeping random finances in order because hubby is still in japan.. all while being pregnant & sweaty. with a 4yr old. oh, and trying to find an OB to transfer to. who would have thought it would be so hard to switch being 31 weeks preggo? i sure didn't. blech, seriously.

but i just wanted to tell you guys not to go anywhere! because now that my life is slowly settling down, there are lots of good things coming up! i'm talking giveaways with my favorites (hello apparel! lavender & lace co.!), a little sponsoring and fun with indie boys world, a guest post you literally don't want to miss, and more pre baby posts than you'll be able to handle. so excited for all of it! and you are, too. i just know it ha.

so stay tuned.
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