Thursday, July 31

He's been gone a week!

If you follow me on Insta, you know that we dropped Ty off at the airport early morning last week!
Besides missing Drey & I, he's doing great. Thanks for asking...

We can't wait until we're on our 13 hour flight to Osaka! <-- that is sarcasm
No but seriously, I can't wait to get there. It will be like an extended {paid} vaycay to a place most people
only dream about! Oh we are lucky ducks, aren't we. 

Tyler has been chillin' & killin' his time.

 His $3 beef bowl he loves so much

I asked him to send me a pic of what he was doing. walking around he says.

And that's it! He's been gone a week & 1 day. Stay tuned for more &
keep up with me daily on Instagram! @eemilyosbornee

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Tuesday, July 29

Oh these rainy days.

We leave for our annual family vaycay to Lake Powell this week.
This year will be our biggest group yet! So we've been doing early food prep.
Today my mom & I were prepping meals (cooking, freezing, etc..) and the power goes out!

Not even an hour earlier I was saying "I'm really glad it's rainy & gloomy today so I don't feel bad
about not being outside..." Yep, chewed up and swallowed those words didn't I.
While waiting for the power to come back on & before lightning started striking close by, Drey
wanted to go outside and play in puddles, find fossils, swing, get dirty...

Then after calling the city hall and finding out the power won't be back on for awhile, 
we ditched town for some Cafe Rio dinner & shopping. Holler.

and then the poor dude didn't even make it to dinner haha

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Wednesday, July 23

Cancun, Mexico.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort (which i recommend to anyone), had an ocean view room, & a giant bathroom.
Our days consisted of eating, laying around, ping pong, eating, swim aerobics, laying around, eating...
Heaven, right?

They had entertainment every night and we went to two shows, Michael Jackson & Grease.
For a Mexican resort for tourists, they turned out pretty good. I loved them.

Our only regret is we did not do an excursion. We really really wanted to, it just didn't fit into our
rough schedule... We suck. But it gives us a reason to go back!

So much sun, so much food, sooo much fun.
I didn't bring my camera out as much as I thought I would.
We weren't busy, we were just super lazyyy. And I loved it.

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Thursday, July 17

Our Secret..!

I've been holding this in like an almost busted can of biscuits.
Tyler was keeping me chained to a bed {yes literally..} so I couldn't tell everyone before I was supposed to.

Now here I am.

You'd think having a little bit of time to wait I would've come up with a creative way to spill the beans...
unfortunately, no. And if you know me by now, you know I'm not creative, so it should come as no surprise.

You guys. We're moving to Japan.
Osaka to be exact.

Remember when Tyler went a while back to play football?
Well he's been asked to play again & he's dragging us with us!

I'm nervous, excited, anxious, scared... Mostly anxious, mostly excited. Ah!

Tyler leaves in a week, Drey & I will follow later in August.

That was the big secret haha.
We are being thrown right into Japanese culture. That is a little nerve wracking!
Anyone have any words of advice for me? I'll take anything I can get.

ps. cancun was awesome! stay tuned for that.

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Saturday, July 12

Summer Date Ideas {guest post}

My name is Jessica and I blog over at Being Mrs. Kirk
It's all about wedding planning, relationships, life lessons and the occasional random posts about us.
John & I will be getting married next month
I am a step-mom to his beautiful little girl
and we also have a little dog named Chance.

I'm doing a guest post for Emily while she's enjoying Cancun
yes, go ahead and get tan Emily
I'll be here at my computer, blogging, and being albino.
No big deal.
Bring me back a souvenir at least. Sheesh!

Today I'm blogging about Summer date nights.

There's so many great ideas, but I'll just post my top 5.

1. Picnics- In my opinion, it doesn't matter where you are. John & I keep a blanket in our vehicles, and it's great to have when we have a last minute decision to have a picnic. It could be in the park, up on the mountain, or on our back patio. You don't have to have a fancy picnic basket, usually we have Subway to go, or paper plates on our back patio, and sometimes even just a zip loc bag with pb&j's are great too!

2. Star Gazing- I grew up sleeping on the trampoline, or camping in the backyard with my parents. We always looked at the stars and tried finding the constellations. I love laying outside in the warm summer heat listening to the crickets and gazing at the stars. We recently took a twin blow-up mattress and put it in the bed of John's truck with pillows & blankets and it was so comfortable, perfect for star gazing or a camp-out. 

3. Take a walk- If hiking is your thing, take a hike! Make walking a part of your nightly/morning routine, just spending 20 minutes together walking- that's an hour and a half of alone time each week. We live in a small town so we can easily drive downtown and park, walk to the restaurant, to the movie theater, and even go get an ice cream all on foot. If you live downtown, ride your bikes together!

4. Lake Day- Who doesn't enjoy a day at the lake? Sand/dirt beaches, a big long beach towel, and a book. For a date, leave the book at home, take some squirt guns, floaties, and just act like a kid! If it's night time, go skinny one's going to judge you ;)

5. Backyard Weenie Roast-  What's better than curling up with each other by a fire? Whether it's a weenie roast, or foil dinners (the best), or even just roasting marshmallows. You can get that "camping" feel in your backyard, even when you have to wake up for work the next morning. 

Hope you guys got some good ideas
Go schedule a date night with your special someone :)

Friday, July 11

Till Then Smile Often {guest post}

While Emily is off getting a tan, and making us jealous about being in Cancun she is letting me take over her blog for today.  A little about me, I'm Kerry and I blog over at Till Then Smile Often. I am not as sassy or smart assy as Emily (who is though right) but I love to post recipe, do Random Acts of Kindness, and share my take on the world. Enough about me though, today I am going to make her jealous by sharing with you a super yummy alcoholic concoction.  She'll be sad she missed this one. I will try not to think of the cabana boys that are probably serving her drinks. Whatever, we will make our own!!

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Vodka Slush

Ingredients: A massive amount of ice (or at least enough to fill a blender - details, details) ~ 6 oz of your Vodka of choice (I used Smirnoff Orange Vodka) ~ 4 oz of Blue Raspberry Mix ~ 16 oz (2 cups) of Lemonade

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Vodka Slush

Directions: Fill the blender 3/4 full with ice. Add in the Vodka and the Blue Raspberry Mix.  Top with the lemonade and blend! What you were expecting it to be harder?! Not happening, now go make a batch. Then make another for a friend. ;)

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Vodka Slush

Thank you Emily for letting me share you space today!   
  What is your favorite summer drink?  

Thursday, July 10

Field Trips {guest post}

"Field trip to Gold Bug Mine, Placerville, CA 2005"

If there is one thing I know for sure (besides the fact that my niece Emily Osborne is cooler than you) it is that I instilled a love of learning and adventure into my girls. I like to think that is something I have done well, besides all the other things I didn't do so well. So maybe there are two things I did well:
  1. Letting them know I love them regardless
  2. Showing them that girls should go into the unknown and figure things out. Follow your passions. Go into the world and explore. This is how you really learn.
You can call this "experimental learning" like teachers do (because we love jargon) or you could say learning by doing and experiencing. By touching, tasting, climbing, questioning, smelling, eating, talking, walking, and seeing. Young children naturally do this. They are hardwired with a curiosity that is the envy of every jaded adult. Seeing the world through a clear lens and asking questions. Children naturally want to ask questions and will continue asking until they get a satisfactory answer.

"Why is the sky blue?"

"Why is the ocean so big?"

"How do ducks float?"

They aren't scared of looking stupid or worrying that they should already know the answer so they don't ask. That's how adults think. So while you're children are young, that is the time to take them out into the world and cultivate that curiosity. Go on an adventure. Take a field trip.

How many of us loved field trips at school? That was every child's favorite thing about the school year, the field trip. Unfortunately, most schools have completely done away with field trips. I know the reality of budget cuts, liabilities, and involved parents. This is a tragedy because seeing the world and actually GOING PLACES teaches more than you can learn in a classroom or from one adult teacher. Thankfully, technology helps us take virtual field trips to any spot on the globe. However, that does not take the place of taking a child with an interest in trains to a train station, or a child who has an interest in stars to the planetarium.

Truly, how do you nurture a passion in a child unless you show them and let them experience a process, or a place, or a person? And you don't have to travel long distance or pay an exorbitant amounts of money to expose a child to something new. Open your eyes to the people and places around right you. Pull you child (and yourself) away from a screen, and get out in the world and explore. Your child will learn something new and gain knowledge and experience, and who knows? You might rekindle a passion for learning in the experience.
This is my Aunt Annette, she is seriously the best.
She's a high school English teacher in CA & she's got a passion for everything.
Like tree's and this guy... haha we still love him. 
Check out her blog here & get inspired!

Wednesday, July 9

C A N C U N bound!

As you're reading this I'm already half way to my beach paradise.
I don't even feel bad bragging about it.
I've probably already IG'd it by now too.

A couple things I'd like to throw out...

one. I'm having a few guest posts this week, show them some love! They're awesome bloggers, 
I love them, & I want you to love them too! Give them your sugar.
two. I'm going to miss you guys. So when you step outside and the sun hits your face, just think of me.
three. Lata sucka's!

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Tuesday, July 8

Our 4th of July in photos

Best. 4th. Ever.
 How was your 4th of July weekend?
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