Tuesday, October 28

taking stock.

Making: japanese memories.
Cooking: nothing. I'm the worst wife everrrr.
Drinking: i lohas apple water. the best shiz, you have no idea.
Reading: 'in a dark, dark room' over and over and over.
Wanting: my car. i miss my car.
Looking: like a hot mess everyday. damn you japan.
Playing: teacher. and no, I suck.
Wasting: toilet paper. don't ask. 
Sewing: not a damn thing. ever. maybe one day..
Wishing: i could be home for halloween BUT a bullet train to tokyo will suffice ;-)
Enjoying: free time with my husband.  
Waiting: for cafe rio to be in muh belly!
Liking: my new bookstore. i can't read anything in it but oh well.
Wondering: whyyy the last divergent book had to end that way. WHY? 
Loving: how many of my friends are pregnant right now. babiesss!
Hoping: i can stop eating baked goods. drooool.
Marveling: at ancient buddhist temples. (blog post coming soon)
Needing: cafe rio!
Smelling: incense, blech! but it keeps the mosquito's away.
Wearing: sweats. always sweats. hot mess, remember?
Following: tyler wherever he goes. even the bathroom.
Noticing: the leaves in japan don't change as fast as in america. it takes until decemeber.
Knowing: i need to work out more.
Thinking: i prob won't do it...
Feeling: a little homesick. but happy i can be with my lover.
Bookmarking: etsy shops! christmas is coming yo.
Opening: the donut bag tyler just brought home. damn you too, tyler!
Giggling: dreydan's stories. they are the best.

I did this last May, so I thought it was time for another.
Share your own taking stock and tell me where you're at in life.

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Monday, October 20

Wild Thing - Little Rascals Shop

A few weeks ago Drey was chosen as a Brand Representative for Little Rascals Shop! She's got the best little raglan's, tee's & tanks you guys. The best part about it, she designs & hand carves all the stamps she uses to make them. She stamps all of the designs on her clothes. Seriously, I love it. Only in my dreams could I be talented & cool like that. The simplicity of her tops makes it so easy to dress up or down, you can pair them with just about anything. The fabrics are so soft & they handle the washer great! I love them. And the penguin tee.. it's cute, right? It's sooo much cuter in person! It went from like my top 5 fave to my fave fave. I wish the keyboard had the heart eyes emoji because that's what I look like right now haha..

We went out for a walk (after bribing homeboy with a new toy from the 100 yen store) & not even 10 minutes into it, it started raining. Luckily, I'm super mama and packed our umbrella's. 2 seconds after opening them, the wind started blowing & Dreydan's poor umbrella like hyper extended and he was getting plastered with rain haha! He was yelling mooom help me! i'll blow away!! in his high pitched super scared voice and I was laughing SO. HARD. I couldn't help him because I couldn't stop laughing. The harder he screamed, the harder I laughed. I'm sure I was being judged by window peeping onlookers, but I don't care. It was f u n n y. And just as soon as it started, everything stopped. He looked up at me and said well that was freakin' dumb. Haha... oh Drey.

'White Penguin Tee' c/o Little Rascals Shop found HERE
'Wild Thing Raglan' c/o Little Rascals Shop found HERE

Also, LRS is offering a promo code TODAY ONLY to use off your entire order!
Enter DREY15 at checkout for 15% off. Valid until midnight tonight.
Get shopping at Little Rascals now!

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Thursday, October 16

But first, Hogwarts.

You guys should know by now that Ty took me to Universal Studios Japan for my birthday. I've been talking about it on here for like weeks and then I blew up Insta & Snapchat when we got there. We were really excited to take Drey to Jurassic Park, the boy is obsessed. However, I have been itching! (and secretly so has ty)  to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And let me just tell you, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.

So before you can actually go into the Harry Potter world, you have to get a ticket for a set time. We figure so it helps with the congestion, but regardless, it was a cluster of Asians. So many people! Most of them were dressed up, too. It was easy to pretend I was really there ;-)

First thing we did was get Butterbeer and it was delicious. Obvi. I 'ooooed' & 'awwed' at how awesome life was while drinking Harry's favorite drink. We walked around Diagon Alley for a bit, going into a couple stores like Ollivander's! Shelves & shelves of wands. I saw people with armloads of wand boxes waiting to checkout. One girl had a huge bag full of them and Tyler said "you think we should tell her the wands aren't real?" Haha.. seriously though. 

Then we did the castle walk. *cue gasp* Soooo cool! It was dark, gloomy, talking pictures, we went through the Griffyndor dorm entrance complete with sassy portrait, Dumbledoors office, Snapes classroom, Hagrid's little home, the greenhouse... I was mesmerized. I want to live there. For realz.

Afterwards we had 2 choices. Stand in line for 2.5+ hours for the greatest freakin' ride we'd ever get to go on OR split up, I'd take Drey on Flight of the Hippogriff & Tyler would stand in line at Honeydukes (which had about an hour wait to just go inside). We chose the latter. I took Drey on the Hippogriff coaster & Ty got a spot in Honeydukes line. We made it back to Tyler just before he went inside so Drey weaseled his way over to him and got to go inside. $40 later they came out with a box of Bertie Bott's every flavor beans, chocolate mint frogs, fudge flies & 2 "swally-pops". 

Be jealous.
So don't hesitate, just go.

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Tuesday, October 14

it's my birthday.

When Dreydan was in preschool last year, his teachers did a questionnaire thingy with the kids about their moms.. It was for Mother's Day. One of the questions asked was how old is your mom? Drey said I was 23... Sooo that means I'd be 24 this year, right? Tyler keeps saying "don't be that weird lady who lies about her age!" Technically, I'm not lying. I'm just repeating what Dreydan says... ;-)

So yes. It's my birfday! Guess where I've been most of today? The immigration office.. whaaat? It's like being at the DMV except you're not getting a driver's license, you're getting visa/resident card. And it's not America so nobody speaks English. And they're not grumpy assholes like EVERY SINGLE DMV WORKER I'VE EVER MET. Yea, I said it.
I've requested Universal Studios Japan for my birthday celebration. I can't wait! I have a only one word for you... HOGWARTS. I know, I'm so lame. But I grew up with those books, you guys! I was in like 5th or 6th grade when I read the very first one. Ahhh I can't wait!

Japan made it to the 14th before America did, so I'm making it a point to have TWO birthdays. I can do shiz like that because I do what I want. So as you guys are waking up on the morning of my real birthday, I'll be snuggling into bed here on my 'actual day but not really' birthday getting ready for my 'not actual day but really is' birthday. Make sense? It's okay. Just trust me.

Turning another year older in another country is something I never thought I'd do! I have a love/hate relationship about how all the happenings in my life are so unexpected. I love not knowing what we'll be doing tomorrow, next month, next season.. but at the same time, that's also what I hate. You get into a routine that you enjoy one moment, only to have it change completely the next. Change isn't easy for me, but I'm getting better. Tyler has always been able to spot my weaknesses & make me face them when I refuse. I'm not always the easiest person to be around, I can be a stone cold, crazy ass bitch sometimes, but Ty never lets it affect him. And I love him so much for that.

Speaking of being crazy... I have a super serious post coming up soon. I've written and re-written it like 100 times because I'm scared of it. It's something that has happened to me recently that I feel like I need to share, but at the same time, I'm still contemplating if I really do. So if it pops up in your feed, go easy on me.

One more thing. I'm sad about missing the entire month of October in America. I wait for this month all year long! The spooky movies on TV, Halloween decor everywhere, trick-or-treating hype, fall air that totally feels like fall! It's by far my favorite time of year.

A lot of nonsense for a birthday post that literally has nothing to do with my birthday. Sheesh, sorry. My brain is going in like 7 different directions right now and I can't figure out which one to take! So before it gets awkward for everyone, I'll just end this post now haha... Okay bye.

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Thursday, October 9

live gnarly // make waves

I experienced my very first ever typhoon! Okay, I might have slept through it, but it happened. We woke up the next morning to partly cloudy skies and a warm breeze.. So pretty much I had no clue. Also, thanks to everyone who was worried about us and sent me badass texts about how to survive a typhoon haha, classic! 

We've been cherishing our walks a little more now that the air is cooling down. We take streets we've never been down before {there are literally billions}, and Drey talks non-stop about nothing & everything. His stories are the coolest part of my day. They are so crazy, r i d i c u l o u s & seriously so freaking amazing at the same time. Love love love. 

The tee Drey is wearing is from a shop called Mischief Makers Apparel. It's such a cute little shop & I was so happy to see that the fit of their tees are a little longer & baggier than most places. I always size up when ordering clothes for Drey online because they always run small. But the shirt he's wearing is a 5 & even though he's 4, it fits perfectly on the baggy side. He looked so comfy in it! And I love how effortlessly cool he is. Like, he doesn't even realize.

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Wednesday, October 8

It was over before half time.

Ty's past two games were a blowout. I mean, the title says it all.
So I combined these past 2 weeks into one. 

vs. Bruins 58-6

vs. Cyclones 49-10

I love watching Tyler play football. Even if it happens to be in Japan.. ;-)
Aaaand even if the other teams are so bad they don't have any fans haha. 

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