Tuesday, November 18

Osaka Museum of Natural History.

We visited this museum last month & then again this past Sunday. It's right next to the stadium that Tyler had a couple of his games at so it was really convenient for us. It was full of bugs, ancient fish, shrubbery, skeletal remains of dinosaurs/extinct animals, and lots of Japanese descriptions. They handed me a pamphlet when I walked in with a little bit of English on it, pretty much only what each room was called. And some of the plaques had English writing on it. Obviously, Drey's favorite room was the one with the dinosaurs in it. He was a little upset that they didn't have a full blown T-Rex & they only had a head. He said i guess we'll just come back when they find one. Haha... I guess so buddy.

On the other side, they have a huge indoor/outdoor botanical garden. It's just a giant park with giant plants and gorgeous flowers. We didn't go inside their building because I couldn't bribe Drey into it, but the outdoor exhibits were so pretty. Japan is such a beautiful place. You have to look through the windows of the concrete jungle to find them, but that's where you'll find the natural gems. And it's amazing. 

ps. i am such a nerd and love everything history. museums are my shit, you guys. i love them.

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Saturday, November 15

happy birthday, ty.

I just wanted to wish my main squeeze a happy birthday. 
He's reppin' 26 this year & he looks sooo good doing it. 

After he got home from practice tonight, we went out to eat at our fave ramen joint.
Now we're planning an early turn in because Ty has his last game tomorrow afternoon!

Wish them luck... they're going to need it. xo 

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Wednesday, November 12

kyoto - according to my iphone.

We visited a beautiful handful of temples in Kyoto this day. 
Normally I'd have a 1000+ pictures to sort through/edit to share with you guys, but I didn't check my dslr battery before we left & turns out, it was d e a d. I was actually okay with that though because I got to experience the moments rather than try to capture them on my camera. However, I did snag a few from my iPhone. Holler.

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Fabulous Fall Giveaway {green scene mom}

 As always, I lovoove bringing you giveaways from Green Scene Mom! They're always featuring lots of goodies that are perfect gifts for the upcoming holidays!
Each of the sponsoring brands offer niche and innovative products for moms, kids and families to make life simpler, inspire creativity, and encourage natural living.

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Monday, November 10

ark + anako giveaway!

Let me introduce you to Ark + Anako, you guys.
I'm so excited to be showing off this brand to you & having a little mini giveaway! I love it so much. 100% certified organic cotton & ethically made. I was stalking her on Insta before her shop even launched & I forced her to be my IG bff. Drey is even lucky enough to represent her brand from Japan. Since launching, her shop was exclusively tee's, but she just put out onesies that are to die for. So perfect for your sweet little babe (too many heart eyes right now). You can check out her shop here.

"Most people call me Jo. Mother to a Restless little boy. I grew up in Sydney, Australia until I met my husband over reggae and blue cheese and we moved to Brisbane, where Ark + Anako was born. I created Ark + Anako because I wanted quality pieces for my own son, that were individual, trendy and more importantly, represented his huge personality. I felt that the clothes available, especially for boys, were limited and wanted to create a range for others who felt the same. We've always supported conserving our environment and sustainability, so organic sweatshop free threads were the only option, with a portion of our proceeds going to underprivileged women and children in India. Our Mi Amor design was my very first design and will always be a fav, but, I'm always designing and coming up with ideas."  

sup ma grizzle tee c/o ark+anako found here
kidding tee c/o ark+anako found here
restless tee c/o ark+anako found here
For the duration of this giveaway, Ark + Anako has offered a promotion code for anyone to use off your entire order.
Just enter DREY15 at checkout.
Good luck!

please read the 'terms & conditions' if you have any questions. 
or email me at emilyosborne17{at}gmail{dot}com

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Tuesday, October 28

taking stock.

Making: japanese memories.
Cooking: nothing. I'm the worst wife everrrr.
Drinking: i lohas apple water. the best shiz, you have no idea.
Reading: 'in a dark, dark room' over and over and over.
Wanting: my car. i miss my car.
Looking: like a hot mess everyday. damn you japan.
Playing: teacher. and no, I suck.
Wasting: toilet paper. don't ask. 
Sewing: not a damn thing. ever. maybe one day..
Wishing: i could be home for halloween BUT a bullet train to tokyo will suffice ;-)
Enjoying: free time with my husband.  
Waiting: for cafe rio to be in muh belly!
Liking: my new bookstore. i can't read anything in it but oh well.
Wondering: whyyy the last divergent book had to end that way. WHY? 
Loving: how many of my friends are pregnant right now. babiesss!
Hoping: i can stop eating baked goods. drooool.
Marveling: at ancient buddhist temples. (blog post coming soon)
Needing: cafe rio!
Smelling: incense, blech! but it keeps the mosquito's away.
Wearing: sweats. always sweats. hot mess, remember?
Following: tyler wherever he goes. even the bathroom.
Noticing: the leaves in japan don't change as fast as in america. it takes until decemeber.
Knowing: i need to work out more.
Thinking: i prob won't do it...
Feeling: a little homesick. but happy i can be with my lover.
Bookmarking: etsy shops! christmas is coming yo.
Opening: the donut bag tyler just brought home. damn you too, tyler!
Giggling: dreydan's stories. they are the best.

I did this last May, so I thought it was time for another.
Share your own taking stock and tell me where you're at in life.

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Monday, October 20

Wild Thing - Little Rascals Shop

A few weeks ago Drey was chosen as a Brand Representative for Little Rascals Shop! She's got the best little raglan's, tee's & tanks you guys. The best part about it, she designs & hand carves all the stamps she uses to make them. She stamps all of the designs on her clothes. Seriously, I love it. Only in my dreams could I be talented & cool like that. The simplicity of her tops makes it so easy to dress up or down, you can pair them with just about anything. The fabrics are so soft & they handle the washer great! I love them. And the penguin tee.. it's cute, right? It's sooo much cuter in person! It went from like my top 5 fave to my fave fave. I wish the keyboard had the heart eyes emoji because that's what I look like right now haha..

We went out for a walk (after bribing homeboy with a new toy from the 100 yen store) & not even 10 minutes into it, it started raining. Luckily, I'm super mama and packed our umbrella's. 2 seconds after opening them, the wind started blowing & Dreydan's poor umbrella like hyper extended and he was getting plastered with rain haha! He was yelling mooom help me! i'll blow away!! in his high pitched super scared voice and I was laughing SO. HARD. I couldn't help him because I couldn't stop laughing. The harder he screamed, the harder I laughed. I'm sure I was being judged by window peeping onlookers, but I don't care. It was f u n n y. And just as soon as it started, everything stopped. He looked up at me and said well that was freakin' dumb. Haha... oh Drey.

'White Penguin Tee' c/o Little Rascals Shop found HERE
'Wild Thing Raglan' c/o Little Rascals Shop found HERE

Also, LRS is offering a promo code TODAY ONLY to use off your entire order!
Enter DREY15 at checkout for 15% off. Valid until midnight tonight.
Get shopping at Little Rascals now!

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