Monday, March 18

My St. Paddy's.

We celebrated Saturday night... didn't everybody?
Here's what you need to know:
+ i ate wayyy too many shamrock cookies
+ had wayyyy too much spinach dip & green chili
+ stayed up wayyy too late {fur real, what's sleep?}
 + hubby didn't win the pot of freakin' gold. wtf?! he always wins...
+ children ran around like wild indians
+ ate more shamrock cookies & spinach dip {couldn't keep my grimy hands away}
+ everyone got fat, okay just me
+ fought with a 2yr old about sneaking cupcakes off the counter, he won
+ watched wreck-it ralph twice in 1 hour. how does that happen?
+ prayed no child threw up green frosting while spinning in circles...
+ green, green, green! that's all i saw alllll night

As always, we love our Vernal trips!
{post soon about the rest of our visit}

{he just wouldn't be the man i fell in love with if he was sticking to the "wear green" rule}

 {green vanilla pudding w/lucky charms for the babies}

 {moscato frosting cupcakes, nomnomnom!}

{someone please kill me because i can't stand the cuteness of these two!}

{this girl. she my booooo!}

What did y'all do for St. Patrick's?!?!
Tell me tell me tell me!

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  1. Such a fun st. p day! miss you already!

  2. Supper cute pics! First time on your blog and I love it! Looking forward to following you through bloglovin!

  3. That looks like so so much funnnn:) that's one holiday we did not really celebrate boo!