Thursday, March 21

Sometimes {WTF edition}

Sometimes when I'm trying to find Dreydan & he's not answering me, I know he's up to something mischievous. 

Like this.....

Before I can do anything else, like find out exacly what he's doing, I run and grab my camera.
{i just had to, look at that little bum...}
But for real tho, WTF is he doing?!

Just eating out of the Cool Whip carton, no big deal.

Our Convo:
What ya doin' Drey?
Just eating this marshmallow out of here.
That's not a marshmallow...
It's yummy.
I'm sure it is.
And I got it all by myself mom! I did!
Yeah... Where are your undies?
I take them off 'cause Mcqueen said I have to wear him and not my undies!
{stood staring for a sec}
Okay well how come you don't have him on then?
Just go watch your show mom, I'm fine... I'm fine.

Seriously? Kids are so weird!
But this little weirdy has my heart wrapped around those grimey little fingers, love him!

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  1. Hahahahaha I still can't get over him with that cupcake. The look on his face... love him!

  2. Bahahha just go watch your show mom.

  3. he is such a hoot! love your blog. that cute huggie bear made me a puddle too.