Wednesday, March 27

Easter Eggs!

Last year we attempted to dye eggs with our little man and it turned into a big messy FAIL. Not to mention Drey giving zero interest about who, what, where, why... 
But it was a big hit this year! He was so proud of his eggs. And then he wanted to smash them all.
{pic captions are real comments from dreydan}

"can I drink this dad?"

{isn't he the sexiest man you've ever seen...for real doe?}

"okay guys, now we have to color this. everyone do it"

We can take it back out when it's all green?  
Yes but we have to wait.  
Oooooh. Don't touch mom, we have to wait. Then we can break them.

 "it's pink?! put that one in the blue dad. just put it in this blue cup"

"mom, dad... let's break these outside. let's throw them on the ground!"
{aren't they soooo pretty haha}

Happy EasterEggDying Day to us!
{note: lazyyy saturday. don't judge our appearance.. just don't}

Sadly, Ty will be gone for work the rest of this week including Easter Sunday! :((

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  1. Looks like fun, what a funny little boy! What is Ty up to now? Seems like he is gone a lot. :(

    1. He's been working out in Roosevelt. We still live in Bluffdale as of right now so he just commutes back and forth every week. Boo.

  2. Aw so sorry he wont' be there for Easter :(

    1. I know :( But I'll be distracted with other family so we'll be good!

  3. So... Tyler is just breath taking in that second picture. Simply breath taking :)

  4. that looks super fun! i updated my blog, go see.

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