Tuesday, February 7

9 things i've learned from my babies.

when i had my first baby, i couldn't believe the type of person i became. i cried at stuff.. like really weird stuff, i started noticing kids in stores and restaurants more and having sympathy for the tantrums they threw, and i started reading 'mom' posts. even while pregnant i would tell myself, i'm never going to read those mom posts, cause they're like so dumb. and then here i am. writing a mom post...

second baby comes and you just accept the fact that these new things you've acquired are just learned from being a mom. your babies have helped you develop into a mama. and that's something i love. so here are 9 things i've learned from my babies.

it's okay to look silly - seriously, i was the queen of baby talk! our babble conversations were/are constant. and don't even get me started on the faces. anything to engage in your baby and make them giggle, right?!

sing! even if you can't - my firstborn loved when i would sing to him. i've got the voice of a dying monkey let's be honest here.. but there was always something that would calm him down when i'd sing to him. now my #2? she's not amused at all when i sing. in fact, she just leaves the room.

indulge in little luxuries - what you take for granted when you're not a mom become luxuries afterwards. pooping alone. showering long enough to let the conditioner sit in your hair for a couple minutes. going to the grocery store alone. eating an entire cookie by yourself. you know, the important things.

separation anxiety is inevitable... - it just is. totally uncontrollable and irrational. my husband and i went to mexico for a week and i still want to cry remembering how felt when we left. it was the best week of my life in the worst kind of way.

and so are mothers instincts - my earliest memory for this was when drey was about one. we were walking down steps to a library and i had a armload of books in one hand and dreys hand in my other. i tripped, my signature walking, and my books were thrown to ground as i broke dreys fall with my body, never letting go of his hand. i replayed the situation in my head a couple times that day and i came to the conclusion that if drey wasn't with me, i probably would've like fallen all over my books and broke my arm haha. moms are superheros for real!

create happy traditions - even if it's something as small as making chocolate pancakes together every saturday morning. i mean, you are in charge of creating memories for your kids, that's a lot of pressure! but also so so cool. create traditions that they'll want to continue with their babies.

the days are long, but the years are short - i wish i had a video diary of everything they do. all day everyday. they learn so much in such a short time that i wish i could re-watch their life. this growing up thing goes by way too fast. 

cherish the little things - i am the worst morning person you'll ever meet, but those 5-10 minutes in bed when everyone is waking up and we're all snuggly and then the excitement when i flip on mickey mouse haha.. the best.

as long as they look good, you look good - here's a motto for ya, my kids are my best accessory. as long as my kids are lookin' fresh, clean, hip, happy, there is no reason for me to brush my hair, right? right. i take the time to make sure they don't look homeless and feral so i don't have to dress up. cause for real, as long as they look good sitting on my hip, i look good. and that's straight from buddah.

what are some things you've learned from your babies? 

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  1. I love this. It is so obvious you are a great mom, he is a lucky little man. Motherhood is amazing!