Friday, January 27

night at the stanley

ya'll know who stephen king is, right? and remember the book he wrote back in the 70's, 'the shining'?

well... i don't want to brag or anything, but, i was there. at that hotel. but there were a couple things i learned after taking the history tour. stephen king stayed in the famous 217 room while he wrote the book. all of his inspiration came from this hotel in colorado. but it wasn't filmed here! it was actually filmed in like wyoming or something at a more "remote" hotel. pff. still cool tho! there was a miniseries based from the book filmed here tho.. so there ya go.

also.. i know you know harry & lloyd from dumb & dumber, right? the hotel they stayed at in "apsen" was the stanley! name changed in the movie, but same place. racing up the stairs scene, bar scene, outside scene.. i was there. don't be jelly. we landed on the moon!

also.. where are my ghost adventure fan girls at?!
they investigated here! but i'm kinda pissed. while on the history tour, the guide spoke a little about them coming and she told us a secret. remember the scene where they're in the shed out back and there were like a shit of mattresses and they were like this is where they store the old mattresses that previous guests have died on.. they lied. nobody has ever died at the stanley. nobody. there have never been mysterious deaths or murders or suicides.. nothin'. apparently they didn't get any activity that night in the shed, so they had to spice it up a little with some gruesome tall tales. it's okay tho because i still love them.

so anyways, this was such a fun place! we stayed only one night on our way to nebraska so we didn't have a lot of time, but it was perfect. we roamed the halls late at night after we got there and then bribed the clerk at the front to let us into room 217. i guess when you're one of the only guests there it's easy to get anything you want haha.

the history tour gave us a glimpse into the lives of the men who built the hotel, and pretty much everything up until now. so if you ever have the chance to visit the stanley hotel in estes park, colorado, do it!

have any of you guys been here?
what did you think?
we wanted to do the ghost tour, but drey was too young and they wouldn't let him go. but if nobody died there, it couldn't of been that scary, right? haha kidding. we were told some of the stories and it seemed like a good time.

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