Friday, February 26

it's never too late to post about our christmas party at dugway

awhile back.. like way back in december, my mom invited us to her work christmas party out in dugway. if you non-utahns don't know where or what that is, it's basically the area 51 utah style. you know like where they keep the aliens and stuff. or where they "don't" keep the aliens...... shh.

anyways so yea it was a blast. they had lots of games, activities for kids, rock climbing, food, dessert, santa showed up on a firetruck, tyler and i both won prizes! he won a raffle, but i won the 'best santa hat' contest. sooo take that boyfriend. then we played the whip cream game where you turned the little thingy and it might flip up at your face and it might not. that had my anxiety on lockdown, shiz. if you follow me on snapchat || eemilyosbornee || then you probably remember that day cause my story never stopped haha. 

so there you have it. christmas in february. 
anyone have any fun adventures and never blogged about? do tell.

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