Sunday, March 13

what's making my life good right now.

one. presidential primaries. if you know me at all then you know how much i love my reality tv. campaign speeches, republican & democratic debates, interviews.. it's all my level of reality. and i get a sick thrill when grown men (and women) who want george washington's job, leader of the free world, are up on a stage bickering back and forth at each other like an episode of real housewives. that is my shit, people.

two.  homemade baby puree. i've been doing carrots, avacado, banana, sweet potato, and peas. and for some weird reason i actually enjoy it. i mean i had every intention of pureeing my own baby food when drey was born, but then buying it was just like wayyyy easier. but this second time around, it's fun for me! not my style at all tho... mom if you're reading this send help.

three. zucchini. i've been craving and eating it like crazy! and no i'm pregnant.. my taste buds have just caught up with my age and i'm starting to enjoy grown-up food. like onions. ewwww i say i hate them but when i'm cooking i throw them in with everything. so weird. again, mom if you're reading this send help

four. how to get away with murder. i wish i was a show writer and could write badass shows that people go crazy about and want more and more and more and you have control over the minds of prob hundreds of thousands of people and one character death or one unexplained twist will make all those people lose their freakin shit. and then there is an online apocalypse about WTF JUST HAPPENED. cause that's me with this show and i don't like that i'm being controlled right now. did any of that make sense?

five. my blue-eyed baby. she is perfect in every sense of the word. i mean yea, she's got her days that make me want to pull my hair out.. but let's be honest, if i was going to pull all of my hair for anyone, it would be her.

six. being a 'social media manager' for my brothers' photography sites. it was just handed to me so i haven't been doing a very good job yet, but i have some good ideas rollin' through me and i can't wait to apply them. but the title makes me feel important. like i was given a promotion in life haha. 

seven. my hippie chapstick handmade by my sister. it's so so good. and i'm not just saying that because she's my sister.. i could not give AF, kay? i'm saying it cause i seriously love it. if you're a chapstick lover, maybe some samples and a review could be in order.... eh eh.

eight. garlands. fabric, tassel, banner, sticks.. i don't care. i'm obsessed with garlands. i have them everywhere. like every room in the house at least has one. 

nine. hearing my babies laugh together. ahhh it's too good. drey is the best big brother i'm sure any little girl could ask for. and he's also the best helper any mom could wish for! sooo if anyone is wondering.. yes a 5 year gap is GREAT. 

what's making your life good right now?
do you keep up with the primaries and such? 
raise your hand if you need a traveling photographer...

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  1. I will send some help!! I'll be home in October!! I'll fix this. You shouldn't be eating veggies and loving your babies. I'm mean really.