Monday, February 15

parabo press prints are the shiz

are you like me and take a million plus one pictures pretty much everyday? my husband always jokes with me when i pull out my camera and says oooh better document and post to ig! but if he knew how many pictures i actually took compared to what i post on social media he would take away my camera probably haha. wayyy too many pictures over here. 

but pictures only mean so much to me until i can hold them in my hands. and then they are priceless. photo albums are so old school but that's exactly why i love them. i've been trying to catch up lately with pictures that i've hoarded on my computer. they aren't guaranteed to be there forever you know? i want them physically. i want to have them and be able to tuck them away safely somewhere or place them on my walls inside my home so i can admire my lovies in print everyday.

so i received an order of prints in the mail from parabo press and it made me so happy. random favorites from my instagram feed printed out on square hard quality paper. i can put them into one of my full page albums or sprinkle my home with them. i seriously love it though. i'm going to be my grandma when i grow up and have just photo album upon photo album with thousands of pictures scattered throughout in a very non-chronological order. and i can't wait.

check out their site HERE because they have more than just square prints. they have greeting cards, calendars, news prints.. and so much more. also, you can print pictures from anywhere! not just instagram. in case that was a game changer for anyone ha.

speaking of instagram, follow them for promo codes and deals @parabopress

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