Thursday, February 11

crochet love by eleni

i just recently got my order from crochet love that i had placed a little while ago and seriously swoon. people who can knit and crochet are held on the pedestal right below dr. pepper, but also above like a good back scratch. so that's goals if you ask me. my point is they are amazing and can do amazing things and have so much patience and have a weird obsession with yarn which is cool too. i was asked once if i wanted to learn and i stared at them wondering if they were serious and when i realized they were i just walked away. i'm not going to be a crazy yarn lady, i'm just going to buy from them. kay?

so yea this lady, eleni, is one of my sisters friends. she had spoken highly about her and i wanted to support her shop. and i wasn't disappointed. she was so accommodating and friendly and gave me updates on her progress. which was really nice since my order was custom. and seriously i just love them. her prices don't reflect her work at all. you get more than you paid for with crochet love and i mean that sincerely. 

check out her etsy shop here
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  1. Very cool! Baby gir is adorables.

  2. Those are so cute!!! I love how unique they are! :)

    1. thank you! they are so cute and unique aren't they :-))

  3. Okay, those are adorable. And E is precious as can be.