Friday, February 12

happy valentines day friday.. cause that's a thing

am i the only one that feels like valentines day should be a 'during the week' holiday? or i guess a saturday is cool, too. but not sunday. it feels weird.. like something is off. 

notice drey's bandaid on his face? he biffed it hard at school today. he TRIPPED OVER A CHAIR.. seriously that boy is all me and i am so sorry for his future. 

anyone have any fun plans for this weekend? blog about it because tyler is working all weekend so i'll just be here liking everyone's v-day shiz they've got going on. stalker status this weekend.

'love' tee's c/o little rascals shop 
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  1. Adorable!!!!!! Miss them. I'm doing nuthin.

  2. Oh my heck Emily! I was doing my Stake Primary calling and was a little side tracked, I decided to look at Leah's blog, she never ever changes it but I was looking through the pictures and noticed your blog was 17 hours ago and looked. It was the first time I had seen your little girl, she is so amazingly cute. Your children look like each other. What a beautiful family. You are truly blessed. I am going to see Leah next Saturday, with are going to Winter Park Colorado to ski and tube. I am taking Sarah's boys too. So the cousins can play. So happy to see these beautiful babies. Happy Valentine's Day Emily.

  3. Stop it... her knee highs with her sweet little chunky baby legs... I'M DYING!!!!!

  4. Oh my word...they are PRECIOUS!! Seriously. Such little dolls. And Valentine's Day on a Sunday is just weird. We went out to dinner on Saturday and everywhere was like a 1-2 hour wait. So, I guess a lot celebrated on Saturday instead.