Sunday, February 7

jr jazz

this looks like a good time, which it totally is but who knew watching 5 year olds play basketball would be so frustrating haha. i mean, it's cute and all, but c'mon lets focus on the game people. and by people i mean the 5yr olds in the game. and by the 5yr olds in the game i mean mine. tyler coaches dreydan's team and he leaves the games all red face and ready to punch someone. not really, buuut kinda really. every week is an improvement, so there's that. 

who else has kids in little league sports right now?

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  1. so cute! i can't wait to put my kids in sports. i feel the same way when i watch them dance!

  2. I just found your blog today and its a cute space. Love your vibe.

    1. ah thank you so much, that is so sweet! and welcome :))

  3. Haha! Drey is too cool. Love that hair.