Monday, October 12

hee haws pumpkin patch

dreydan had a field trip with his preschool last week to a local pumpkin patch. i tagged along with a couple other moms & my sister in law. it'd seriously been years since i'd been to this place and i forgot how fun & cute it is. because we went during the day, it was very mellow, quiet, open.. we basically had the place to ourselves and it was awesome.

we took a hayride, snuggled some baby rabbits, hopped in a corral with goats and chickens and fed them from our hands, spent most of our time on the huge slide and in their corn box & then we picked out pumpkins before leaving. baby girl slept most of the time, but towards the end wanted in on the action. so i pulled her tiny body out of her stroller and loved on her little lips. my perfect baby.

it was such a good afternoon and i'm glad i decided to go! and i'm glad i made my sister in law and nephew come with! nothing like ditching your class to do something fun with another class ha.. 

also.. to the mom with high heels and the top bun i saw as we were getting ready to head out.. if you're reading this.. please tell me your instagram name so i can see which selfie (or two) you chose to post out of the 64,652 you took by the pumpkin sign. did you get the angle you were looking for? what filter did you end up with? your hair looked fine to me but i know internally you were struggling with it. your youngest was pretty impatient with you, did he finally succumb to your narcissism and wait while you got your perfect shot? i really hope so. anyways, let me know!
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  1. She looks so cute with her little bow. Poor thing didn't win. :( Totally LOL'd at the selfie woman. Hope she got just the right shot. Hehe!

  2. Dad-gum, you got some great shots! I am glad we ditched class too! Loved it!