Monday, September 28

life lately

being a mama to two kids is no joke. when one child is content, the other is demanding something. i'm in the middle of feeding eisley and dreydan is sooo hungry he could just die. or he needs something from the top of his closet and if he doesn't get it, his entire playtime is going to be ruined. or while in the middle of bathing drey, little miss wakes up from her sound sleep to let me know she wants something like now. full attention required at all times.

meal times are different for each of us. depending where you are on that scale is when you get your food. obviously baby girl gets top priority. dreydan gets his food when her belly is full and she's smiling from ear to ear drooling milk. i eat when i get a free hand. breakfast for me starts around 11am. lunch is up in the air with hours like 3-5pm and dinner is around 9pm. 

but once you get into the swing of things (not quite there, almost), it's really not that bad. which is probably why people continue to have more kids. the first week i brought eisley home i was like why do people do this to themselves?! what's wrong with meeee?! but seriously, i love watching drey with his baby sister. he is so sweet! and i love that he mature enough to "watch" her for like 5 minutes while i hop in the shower. i get a full report every time.. "mom she just slept the whole time " "mom, i think she was getting sad so i gave her her binky and then she was fine" "mom she's still just layin' there!" haha thanks buddy.

but besides adjusting to a life with no schedule or consistency, it's going pretty damn good. i'll have the perfect schedule going by the time tyler gets home and then he'll just screw it all up. haaa i kid. but really...  

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  1. Haha! The routine is a must or you'll never eat! Glad it is coming together. She looks so precious and Drey is such a good big brother for helping.

  2. Adorable name for a adorable baby

  3. "mom, i think she was getting sad so i gave her her binky and then she was fine" Stop it... lmao... that is so cute!!!!!!!!!