Sunday, May 10

mother's day

dreydan loves me being pregnant. he loves laying next to me & being silly while talking to his sister. he always says mom is she awake? and puts his hands on me to see for himself. and like clockwork, she will respond to his voice with kicks and shoves. he's addicted to her little movements and it's so incredibly cute.

i love being a mommy to this sweet little man. and i can't believe i get to love another little someone just as much. i was worried my heart wasn't going to be big enough for someone else. sometimes i'm still worried.. like how can i love another baby as much as i love dreydan? but each day that passes, i know it's totally possible. i already can't imagine not having her. 

the only thing i want this mother's day is a healthy, growing baby girl. i look forward to her bladder punches every night & random dance parties throughout the day because i'm pretty sure that's her way of saying i'm still good up in hurr! 

happy mother's day to all mommies! especially mine, the bestest of them all.

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  1. Awww! Adorable! :) Happy Mother's Day...
    slut. (Well you are... that's how babies get made and this is #2.)

  2. Happy Mother's Day times 2. So cute how excited he is for his new sister, and spending time connecting with her!

  3. Happy Mother's Day! I hope it was a good one. This is such a darling post. Drey is such a sweet boy!