Saturday, May 9

cinco de mayo in osaka

there was a cinco de mayo celebration in osaka this past week. we had no clue what to expect but because we figured there'd be tacos, we went. it was actually a little bigger than i'd expected. there was a fair amount of food booths & a stage with singing amigo's. and because i couldn't have one, i craved a margarita the whole time. yuuuum.

it was weird seeing mexican food being eaten with chopsticks. you're supposed to pick up your tacos and burritos and man handle the shiz out them. right? i felt like that old lady in the insurance commercial standing there staring at all these people thinking that's not how this works.. that's not how any of this works!

so anyways. we stayed for a bit, walked around, tried out different foods (a little sketchy but hey..), had some amazing churro's & did some face painting. 

we had fun. felt like home! like just another saturday afternoon in utah haha. 

these next few pictures were ones that drey took. he begged me for my camera so i let him hold for a bit. pretty much all the ones he took were blurry haha, but he snapped his best. ps -- yes that's my ass and no we don't know those people at the bottom.

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  1. Don't you love how Japan always tries o experience othe cultures! I wish they would've had something like that here in Fussa, Tachikawa or Tokyo! BTW this is my first actual blog post of yours i'm reading since I don't quite remember when I found or how but I LOVE finding other bloggers who live in Japan! We're not super close but it's cool to see your experiences and how they are similar or different than ours and our boys are the same age so i'm always looking for cool things to do for vacations that aren't too far away! anyway glad I found you an I'll stop typing now haha

  2. That was cool they at least celebrated. Tacos are supposed to be messy and shoved in yo face!! Love the shorts you are wearing too.

  3. How fun! And cool that they celebrate cindo de mayo. that last picture is awesome!!