Tuesday, May 12

adding a custom signature to your posts

when starting your blog, the more customization you have added to it, the more you love it. and the more it starts feeling like home. you want your blog to stand out and you want it expressing who you are. i've had a lot of new bloggers ask me to add the custom signature to their posts. it's so easy, so for those who get stuck trying to do it, i want to show ya!

so first you need a custom signature. if you don't already have one & photoshop isn't an option for you, there are free alternatives like gimp & picmonkey to help you design a signature.

once you've got your design, upload it to photobucket & copy the image HTML.
note: make sure your image is sized to your liking before you copy and paste to your blog. you can edit from photobucket if you need to.

now go to your blogger settings >> posts and comments >> post template. paste your HTML in the text box provided. your signature, by default, will align to the left. if you want it to show up centered every time without adjusting it in your post, just add <center> to the beginning of the code and </center> to the end of it.

hit SAVE SETTINGS and you're done! 

every new post from here on out will have your signature. older posts won't unless you go back and add it.

if you have any problems with this or questions, just let me know! i hope this helps.

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