Thursday, July 31

He's been gone a week!

If you follow me on Insta, you know that we dropped Ty off at the airport early morning last week!
Besides missing Drey & I, he's doing great. Thanks for asking...

We can't wait until we're on our 13 hour flight to Osaka! <-- that is sarcasm
No but seriously, I can't wait to get there. It will be like an extended {paid} vaycay to a place most people
only dream about! Oh we are lucky ducks, aren't we. 

Tyler has been chillin' & killin' his time.

 His $3 beef bowl he loves so much

I asked him to send me a pic of what he was doing. walking around he says.

And that's it! He's been gone a week & 1 day. Stay tuned for more &
keep up with me daily on Instagram! @eemilyosbornee

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  1. How exciting. Though I can't read any of the signs so I would probably get lost. He will have to be your tour guide once he figures it out. Glad he is doing ok so far.

  2. I am so far behind on reading blogs, but so excited to follow along with your adventuuuuures!