Wednesday, July 30

Oh these rainy days.

We leave for our annual family vaycay to Lake Powell this week.
This year will be our biggest group yet! So we've been doing early food prep.
Today my mom & I were prepping meals (cooking, freezing, etc..) and the power goes out!

Not even an hour earlier I was saying "I'm really glad it's rainy & gloomy today so I don't feel bad
about not being outside..." Yep, chewed up and swallowed those words didn't I.
While waiting for the power to come back on & before lightning started striking close by, Drey
wanted to go outside and play in puddles, find fossils, swing, get dirty...

Then after calling the city hall and finding out the power won't be back on for awhile, 
we ditched town for some Cafe Rio dinner & shopping. Holler.

and then the poor dude didn't even make it to dinner haha

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