Friday, August 22

Welcome to Japan!

Well, we're here. 

We left Tuesday morning at 8am & got here Wednesday afternoon around 3ish. It sounds terrible but it wasn't that bad. Okay.. actually the first flight was from Utah to San Francisco, we boarded this little tiny plane and it was so bad you guys. I sat down in our seat and knew I was going to be sick. I get motion sickness very easily.. so by the smells on the plane (that were not bad, just muggy) & the temperature of the inside, I knew. Long story short, I was dry heaving into a paper bag for about the last 30 minutes. Dreydan was trying to talk to me & I ignored him because if I looked down, I would puke. After we got off our teeny tiny plane, Drey told me about 14 times how much he does not like riding in planes anymore haha ..

Our flight from San Fran to Osaka was much  better. Huge plane, big seats, lots of room, personal TV's, unlimited food, drink, snacks.. it was perfect. Dreydan loved it. Actually, I'm looking forward to that long plane ride again!

 He drug around his own luggage, for the most part

How he felt after our first plane ride, he was not impressed haha

Oh and do not even get me started on time adjustment. My body is so weird right now! I've been taking naps throughout the day (never happens) & waking up around 5-6am (never happens). Dreydan has adjusted perfectly. Although.. he was awake for like 20 straight hours & was running around in circles screaming "we're in Japan!Not sure what happened there ...

The morning after we arrived, we all ventured out into our neighborhood to find some household things & hangers so I could start unpacking. We walked past a cute little park, a 7-11 & found our new go-to spot .. 100 yen store ! Haha seriously it's awesome. $ 80 later and 5 bags full of stuff, we were set. My mom has requested a picture of it so the next time we go, I'll put it up!

I've been a couple times asked if I miss America yet. Not yet, however, I miss what I'm used to. The lifestyle to which I've become accustomed to is very different to the lifestyles here. It's not bad, it's just different.

Our little yellow home away from home .. 

 The left side street in front of our house ...

... and the right .

 Still unpacking.

Is this not the most complicated toilet you've ever seen?

View from the car window.

Anything you'd like to know? Curious about? Pictures you'd like to see more of?
Let me know! 

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  1. More pictures of your darling family, please!

  2. WHAT THE FUCK DID I MISS?!?! You moved to Japan?!

  3. More pics of the fam, food pics, apartment pics, and random outings!

  4. The place looks so cute from the outside. Would be interested to see the different things you buy over there and how they differ from here. Like shampoo? Is it different. Is that weird?! Probably.

  5. How did I miss this post?! Probably because I've been sucking at being blog-present lately. Keep us posted pretty please! With lotsa pictures! Can't. Get. Enough. of how cool and different your life will be there. Don't let me down okay? ;)

    1. It's okay, I've missed lots too! I will keep you posted as best I can, just don't have high expectations and you'll never be disappointed haha. xo!!

  6. How long will you guys be in Japan? And is that your Range in front of your cute yellow house?