Sunday, December 1

A Happy Thanksgiving.

All my mom wanted for Thanksgiving this year was to stay home, cook, & watch football.
She didn't want to go to 9 different family get together's & get home to an empty house.
So we came to her!

Every year Tyler wants a fried Turkey, at some point.
He injects it with some sort of homemade concoction & puts that
baby in the fryer. It's delicious.
While my mom & I were taking care of the rest of  the food, the boys fried the turkey.

Dinner was delish.
Dessert even delish-isher.
Cowboys won!

I didn't go Black Friday shopping this year. Boooo.
My mom & I hit up Wal-Mart about 7ish just to see the craziness.
It was craziness. SHIT.SHOW. Like always.

The day after Thanksgiving, I helped my mama set up Christmas.
She doesn't do Christmas decor until AFTER Thanksgiving. She just won't.
She's not about that life.

That's all.
I hope everyone had the bestest Thanksgiving Holiday.
I sure did.

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  1. Replies
    1. Back at you, girl! Thanks so much!

  2. Aw, I love this. It sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving. And don't be sad you didn't go Black Friday shopping, how could one deal with that madness?!?! I can not even imagine how WalMart was!

    1. I love the madness! But ONLY when there is something I want. This is year there wasn't anything I had to have to want to fight for it ha. I actually would've gone to Tai Pan Trading but it's like 1.5 hours away. Meh... Next year :-))

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  4. Sounds like an awesome Thanksgiving!! I try and wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate too. The Black Friday shopping is crazy I stick to online shopping.

  5. Cowboys won dude. ha! it was an awesome thanksgiving. thanks again for helping me with the christmas decor!!

  6. I just love this, sounds like you are getting to enjoy your mama! yay for you guys!