Monday, December 2

To the Plantations! {part 1}

While on my road trip, we drove through Louisiana and made stops along the River Road &
toured Plantation homes. Heeaaaven!
Don't let Swamp People scare you, Louisiana is beautiful!
My sister & I loved it. 

We toured 3 different homes & then did a drive by of one & snapped illegal pics from the shoulder... oopsie.

First stop was Myrtles Plantation.
This one was actually not on River Road
{mama, drey, nephew caden, sister}

I wasn't allowed to take pics inside except of the mirror, because it was haunted. Gay.
But it was UH-MAZING inside. They had 1 room that was always kept locked because
everything inside of it was original to the house. Ahhhhh, it was awesome. 
What an extravagant life.

That's all! Stay tuned for Part 2, beotches.

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  1. Those old homes are so beautiful. i really want to visit the south just to see all the older mansions. So pretty.

  2. Its hard to capture in pictures the feelings surrounding those homes. The life, the hardships, and the tragic loss of life. I WILL be going back! xoxo

  3. Oh I can't wait to see the others! My bf's grandparents live right off River Road in Destrahan, LA.

  4. ahhhh I die. I love me some beautiful homes

  5. I am so glad you enjoyed the plantations in my home state. :) They really are amazing parts of our history and so breathtaking. If you didn't get a chance to and are ever in the state again, check out Acadian Village, stunning, just stunning !