Sunday, October 27

Those little moments are perfect.

I love when I can sit back and watch Dreydan find so much joy in something so ordinary.
In a way, it makes that dreaded time stand still for a small moment.
He thought it was so cool that every time the wind blew, the leaves would blow off the tree.
He tried for a while to catch the leaves as they were falling to the ground, but he just wasn't quick enough!
He would say "oooh man! i almost had it!" and laugh & laugh.. I just love him.

How was your Sunday afternoon?

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts of yours! I could just feel your tender love for your sweet son! Love you both!

  2. He is just too cute for words. We had a wonderful afternoon of family time at the park, playing zombies and chasing the kids around.

  3. That's so cute - I love introducing little kids to the idea of playing in leaves :)

    aka Bailey