Monday, October 21

A pumpkin patchy.

So where I live, in the entire county, there is not one pumpkin patch.
We just moved there & I'm not familiar with what they do for holidays & things they have etc..
I asked around and got few different responses like, 
pumpkin patch, what's that!?
nope you'll have to go into the city for one of those
oh! there is one in the next town over...
*in that next town over* nope no pumpkin patches here. there is a trunk-or-treat though at the church on the 26th!
oh you want pumpkins? wal-marts got some out front you can buy.

Seriously, where the fk do I live?
I was told by numerous people there was a pumpkin patch in the next town so we drove to that town.
I made Tyler get out and ask about it and there was no such pumpkin patch.
So sad, you guys. I want to pick pumpkins!
And not at Wal-Mart. Thanks for nothing lady with the red jacket & heels who I thought would know her shit.
Either I've been asking the dumbest people I can find or there really isn't one around.

So we drove to the city.
I had lunch with Ty's sister, got a free cupcake with my birthday coupon, had Mongolian BBQ with his family & then his mom gave me my favoritest thing ever. Caramel apples. THEN we went to a little mini pumpkin patch by their house. Dreydan was so excited!
AND THEN we went back to their house & carved them.
It was Dreydan's first time carving a pumpkin & he was not a fan. Ditched us half way through & found something else to do haha.
And then we went to pick my mom up from the airport! But that's a blog post all on it's own. Coming soon! :))

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  1. What the what??? Who doesn't have pumpkin patches! Craziness! At least you eventually were able to get to one!

  2. Whaaaaaat. What kind of place makes you go into the CITY to find a pumpkin patch?!?! I'm glad you found some pumpkins eventually, and your outfit is adorbs! So happy for you and your family that your momma is back!!!!!

    aka Bailey

  3. Seriouslyyyy!!!!! Walmart? Not happening! Your lucky your man has patients because cameron would be pissed as hell If he drove to Anorher town for no reason!

    You literally have the cutest, best dressed boy ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

  4. Okay, so I get that there might not be a place where you live to go pick pumpkins off the vine, but srsly?! No place other than walmart to buy them? WTF indeed. Glad you ending up finding a place after all! Stopping by from the hump day linkup, looking forward to reading more!