Friday, November 1

Halloweeny! {part 1}

Dreydan's preschool had a Halloween party on Wednesday, their last day of school for the week.
We dropped him off, and then in a couple hours they had their Halloween program!
It was at the nursing home in our little town, so they rode the bus & parents met their kids there.
They sang songs they had been practicing all month & then had a mini parade to show off their costumes.
It was so adorable.

 {the bus}

 {walking in with his teacher}

*Stay tuned for my Tips for Traveling with a Toddler! Trust me, imma pro.*

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  1. He looks so cute!! Love the orange hair too and your matching tights!!

    1. Thanks gal! Wal-Mart! Shh... haha.

  2. hahaha he looks so cute and funny as a jack o lantern!

    1. I know! What kind of 3yr old wants to be a 'killer pumpkin' for Halloween!? Mine... eesh.

  3. I love that he's not a normal pumpkin... it's awesome! gives him an edge! haha. I love your tights! ♥

  4. Hi-
    I happen to come upon your adorable blog! I just love your Halloween tights-
    Where did you find stripe ones- I'll have to save this pic and copy your outfit next year-
    Here' my blog

  5. he is the cutest scary pumpkin :)

  6. Well isnt he just the cutest pumpkin ever whilst also being a bit scary! So lovely! I'm a new follower from the Hump day hop!

  7. Oh my god I love your striped tights! And it's obviously not the point of this blog, but your homeboy Drey has some pretty fly kicks! Future sneakerhead? ;)

    aka Bailey