Saturday, August 17

My Dreydan is 3.

Um..? Should I be happy about this?
YES. I should be happy about it, but I'm not.

I fee like I say every year, where does the time go?!
But I mean it. Where the fk does it go?

Everyone always tells me "Oooh Emily you just wait! He'll be your age before you know it!"
Oh I know it alright. So the next person who says it will get a FWAP! on their forehead. And a dirty look.
That includes people who tell me to cut his hair... but that's a whole other post.

His party is today too! And as requested, it's all about dinosaurs. I can't wait to see how it turns out :))
My personal photographer, Whitney, will be in attendance and I know she'll snap some good 'uns for me.
And then I'll share with you. Circle of life, people.

Happy Birthday my sweet Dreydan!
Check out his 1st & 2nd year tributes. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to the sweet boy!


  2. Happy birthday to your little guy :)


  3. Happy Birthday to your cute little man! & ohhhh I cut Wyatt's hair :( I still hate it but it's growing! yay!