Wednesday, August 21

Dreydan's Party: Part 1

dreydan's morning started off with a chocolate donut w/sprinkles & chocolate milk.
he watched cartoons and played while I bustled about to get everything ready to take to the park.
somehow i always forget about myself and last minute i have to hurry and get ready.
oh s**t! i'm still in my boxers with no makeup on... seriously. dumbest girl ever.
all i can say is, thank goodness for my hubby!

 we had:
3ft sub
pasta salad
grapes {dino eggs}
bugles {dino toes}
pretzels {dino bones}
veggie platter {for the "herbivores"}
assorted chips
green jello {for the kids}
and dino chicken nuggets {also for the kids}

the table actually looked really cute, but all the kids kept grabbing the grape bowls and
sneaking chicken nuggets while getting the last minute deets done, so it doesn't look very cute.
can you dig it?

and then there was thee cake. 
tyler's sister made it for him and it was exactly like i had envisioned in my brain. maybe a little cooler.

{he's trying to show off his shirt...}

check out part 2 & part 3!

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  1. So cute Emily! Loved all the details and you better believe I am excited for part 2. :)

  2. That cake is so cute!! Great job! Love the dino bones and eggs idea!

  3. I am excited for "Part 2"! Sure love Drey! He was a cutie pie!

  4. Adorable! I love your ideas for foods (dino eggs, dino toes, etc).


  5. miss you dre! happy birthday to you, and em i love your shirt.

  6. This is adorable! I'm a huge fan of making that extra effort for birthday parties! I planned a Fear Factor party for my bonus son and all his friends and it was such a hit! They still talk about it! :)

  7. Oh my gosh, cutest party ever! I love that it is all-boy. Happy Birthday to Dreydan!

  8. This is such an awesome birthday party! Love it and Dreydan's little face is just precious!