Friday, August 23

Dreydan's Party: Part 2

after everyone filled their bellies with lunch, it was time to sing & dig into that cake like a fat kid on halloween.
i debated whether i should post the "happy birthday to yooouuu" video or not.... i took it strictly to send to my mom {she's still in afghanistan}, so in a way, it was kinda special. So i decided not to. 

after we filled our bellies with peanut butter cake, we opened presents!
most of you don't care about that, so i'll make it short...

{he had the best little helpers around him haha}

{he's been asking for a bike for a couple months now... i was so happy when we got to give it to him!}

i didn't want to do this BUT, i'm turning drey's party posts into a trilogy. 
sorry not sorry...
come back for the finale, pinata & photo-ops! 

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  1. Love the cake! And he must have been so excited about the bike!


  2. Em you are so sweet! you can post the happy birthday video. and i love the cake, and his face, and that konnor is rIGHT THERE!

  3. I love this post! And I am kinda excited that you turned it into a trilogy! The other thing I love is Kase's tongue hanging out at Dreys new bike! ha ha He is so happy for his cousin to get a big bike!