Monday, January 21

The best short story ever written.

The other night Tyler & I were rummaging through an old box with all of his old
report cards, drawings, papers, journals etc... dating back from EARLY elementary! 

My favorite was a real piece of work, a short story titled: 
"There's a boy in the girls bathroom"
He was 9yrs old when he wrote it.
There wasn't much to it but it goes something like this...

A boy walks into the girls bathroom and tell her that if she doesn't give him a dollar, he
will spit on her. So she gives him a dollar.
The end.
(it even had pictures)

Isn't my husband SO amazing? I mean, he was Casanova right from the beginning!
Those of you who know Tyler, know exactly this is the kind of work he'd do at 9,
only because this was the kind of person he was at 19. (half kidding)
Hahaha.. I'm so lucky.

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