Saturday, January 5

What's making my life good right now.

  1. Semi- Annual sales! Great deals in almost every store every 6 months, looove!
  2. Trash TV marathons. Kathy Griffin, Real Housewives, Sister Wives...
  3. Playing with Drey and all of his new toys from Christmas. He's so much fun!
  4. Holiday traveling! Okay, I don't LOVE the "traveling" part, but I love seeing all my favorite family & friends.
  5. My Dreydan kisses... 
  6. My new Nikes Ty got me for Christmas. I haven't actually used them for a WORKOUT, but I will...soon. I will!
  7. INSTAGRAM! Follow me @eemilyosbornee
  8. The bitter cold. Call me crazy, but I'm loving it.

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