Saturday, February 9

All about Dreydan.

Some days I just stare at Dreydan and think, "where the eff did you come from?"... Others I think, "oh gosh! he's mine". But the bottom line is, I love him SO much and I'm reminded daily just how awesome and cool my little man is. So guess what? Update time!
  • Lately we've been doing A LOT of story telling. It starts with "can i tell you a secret?", to a full fledged 5 minute made up story. The stuff he comes up with, I'll tell you what. Just about everything is covered in one of stories. Here's a piece from one the other night... "and then dinosaur wanted to kill all the trains with all his monster books and he said to kill them alllll! but then he said oh sorry i will be nice because it's not nice for the little guys...." Continues on and on and on. I just adore it, my little homie.
  • He's been OBSESSED with trains. It was about the end of October when his obsession for Lightning Mcqueen swapped to Thomas the Train (i hate it. seriously, i want to kill thomas and all of his friends). He even told Santa he wanted, 'thomas in the box' (a giant thomas train set we saw at hobby lobby). He got one from Grandma-Grandpa Osborne, and a smaller one from Santa.... oh that Santa! We set up his train city every morning and tear it down every night. All the while, Thomas and Friends is on repeat alllll day. Ugh. (seriously, stab me)
  • We watch cartoons together every morning while we eat breakfast. He loves to answer their questions and follow along while they (dora, little einsteins, mickey, doc mcstuffins, bubble guppies...just about anything on disney jr) go on adventures to magical places. It's so cute to watch! He's also too smart for his own good...I know every mom says that but I'm bein' furrr real tho.
  • He tells me when people are 'fat', in public, sometimes right in front of them! Here's the back story... He has a book of opposites, and its pretty short but has the usual 'up, down' 'in, out' 'coming, going'. But the very last page is a drawing of a plump man and a thin man, with the captions 'fat, thin'. I made the mistake of reading it ONCE out loud (after i thought 'hmm i should've used a different word') and he's remembered ever since. I use the word BIG instead of fat but he reminds me that it's FAT, not big. So one day we're in line at the grocery store and we're behind a lady who isn't that big but she's on the heavier side. He takes one look at her and says loud enough for everyone to hear, "mom, that lady is fat! huh she's fat!". OMG...what do you do!? I was mortified and I felt sooo bad. The look she gave me was nothing short of 'YOU. ARE. A. BITCH'. I'm trying my hardest to sway him from that word and tell him it makes people sad when you say it but it's failing. Help!
  • Speaking of books, he has the greatest memory! I'll read him a book a couple of times and then he'll want to "read" it to me from there on out. He has the sweetest story telling voice and I can't get enough of it.
+ Obsessed with Apple Jacks.
+ Tells me thanks for breakfast every morning. Never lunch or dinner, just breakfast.
+ Says football is his favorite team, haha.
+ Likes to pick out his own jammies.
+ Calls brownies "dowmies". He can say the word brownie, but tells me that's not what it's called. Idk anything.
+ Him and Ty have their own secret hand shake that I'm not allowed a part of.
+ If he wants a snack, like candy, he'll start out asking reallyyy nice and add, "please mom, i'm sick" if I say no.
+ Gets car sick SUPER easy. So if we're in the car longer than an hour, I have to give him Dramamine.
+ Tells me there is a monster under his bed that comes up and steals his cars at night...
+ He's a pushover. Tyler wants him more aggressive because sometimes he's just too sweet, haha.

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