Thursday, November 1

Our Halloween.

This year was so fun! Since my mom was going to be spending the day with Kyle, Karen & kids,
I thought I'd tag along and spend it with them too. 
Every year my brother and his wife do a mini SPOOK ALLEY in their garage. If you want candy, 
you gotta make it through! They have different "levels" for different aged kids (if you reallyyyy don't
want to go in, there is candy at the door). It's a been a hit every year, kids love it!
So this year, my mom & I took Drey and his cousins Kaylee, Konnor, & Kase out Trick-or-Treating
while Kyle, Karen & Keith stayed behind to work the spook alley.

{drey found grandpa's mask}

{my mom, kaylee}

{getting ready for their haunted garage!}

{me & my scurvy pirate!}

{pirate, buzz lightyear, merida, woody}

{i just love him}

Once we got back from trick-or-treating, the spook alley was bumpin'! Kaylee wanted to wait 
and go through it, so my mom took the boys inside and I went with her. 
Once inside, it was too cReEpY! Strobe lights, lots of fog, ooey gooey music, screaming,
& of course the dead zombie and weird monkey thing following you around. Super awesome.
When Kaylee told the boys it wasn't THAT scary, they agreed to go through too. I was so proud of Drey! He kept saying, "Not scary mom, just jampa"(grandpa). But the look on his face... Priceless. I knew
he was a tiny bit scared.


{my brother directing people in}

{towards the end of the night}

 {a mom dragging her son in...hahaha! classic}

See!? Pretty fun huh.
As a matter of fact, it was SO fun, Dreydan threw the biggest tantrum I'd ever seen
come out of him when I told him we were leaving. Can ya blame him though?
The kid loves to party.


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