Wednesday, November 28

Anniversary surprise!

Last night I was tricked. I was drug to the airport against my will to pick up a "friend" of my dads. 
We get there and guess who is standing on the curb...?
It was a total & complete surprise and I wanted to punch everyone who knew about it!
(my dad, my mom, keith, aaron, ron, trudy, taylor, whitney, everyone in japan)

You're prob thinking "wait, you go to the airport and you're not even suspicious?" Nope. 
He had me CONVINCED they weren't letting him come back until the 17th. I wasn't expecting a damn thing.

So you can imagine my disbelief! But not only that, I got to wake up next to him on the morning our 3 year anniversary.
I didn't think I was going to be that lucky this year. Happiest. Girl. Alive.

I love you Tyler John Osborne! You never cease to amaze me.
Oh, and Happy Anniversary to us!

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  1. AHH! Thats AWESOME!!!!!! What a perfect surprise!!!! Happy Anniversary!