Saturday, October 27

What's making my life good right now.

  1. The X-Factor! I miss some shows but I catch up online and ah! Obsessed.
  2. Chilly weather. (just means I can get away with leggings and sweaters every day)
  3. All of my Toms.
  4. Helping my mom get her new rental vacation home, Valentine Carriage House, ready (post coming soon)!
  5. The Lorax. LOVE this movie!
  6. Skype! I miss my honey more and more everyday but it helps out.
  7. Dreydan's talking! I can't believe the stuff he comes up with, he kills me.
  8. Hostess's new 'Devil Food' chocolate donuts. Yuuuuum.
  9. My Maverik fountain drink punch cards. 2 words... I'M AWESOME.

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