Sunday, September 23

Finies Football!

September 1 2012
 Elecom Finies vs Panasonic

September 15 2012
Elecom Finies vs Asahi

They only play every other week. So annoying, I know...
Tyler is doing as expected, so good! He's a great addition to the team and 
gets along very well with everyone. He's just awesome, okay.
I don't get lots of pictures & when I do I'm either stealing them from Finies website or facebook.
But I just sent Tyler a camera and he knows I'm demanding LOTS of pictures very soon.
So stay tuned!

Until then...
I'll leave you with this quote straight from the mouth of my sweet, sweet hubby...
"I'm a beast. I crush them. I f**k 'em up like Hiroshima"

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