Thursday, September 20

My Golden Week!

Drey & I visited our favorite people, Whitney, Taylor & Myla, last week in Golden, CO.
I already miss my deflating air mattress in my room/living room.

We got there Tuesday and stayed until Monday morning. We did everything from BBQ's & children's museums to parks & a (much needed) girl's night out! I introduced Whitney to the greatest show that rocks her world, Brad Meltzer's Decoded and she taught me how to make homemade spaghetti sauce. Yum!
Speaking of yum, she took me to THEE most delicious german bakery ever. I gained 3lbs walking in and 10lbs eating everything we bought. We're so fat and don't even care. 
The eating never stopped either! She took me to her fave cupcake bakery and the same day we went to a competitive cookout that her hubby was cooking in and ate, ate, ate! AND his team took 1st place overall! 

As for Drey & Myla? Their relationship is bipolar. One minute they'll be playing with markers and coloring pictures so sweetly together and the next she's pushing him into the wall and he's slapping her in the back... Then they're playing cars together and she's putting her pink tutu on him and they're chatting about nonsense... It's a vicious circle.
They're perfect for eachother.

Best Friends.

Being naughty! Climbing the changing table was a constant problem ha.

Lunch at Rock Rest! Sooooo good.

Reaching for bubbles.

Watching Netflix before bed.

It was so relaxing, crazy, tiring, fun & everything else mixed into one big ball. Best week ever!
Tyler was bummed he missed out because Taylor is one of his very best friends but he got over it...I think. 
We missed you honey love!

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