Tuesday, September 25


One night Drey, Myla, Whitney and me were sitting on the couch before bed watching a movie.
We heard a noise...
Whitney told them it was Taylor but I said "Nooo it's a monster!"
Loooong explanation shortened, the kids were freaking out. Our poor babies.
We continued to tease them ALL week about monsters..

This was one of those times.
We. Are. So. Mean.
 Seriously though, it was too funny!

Dreydan continues to tell me that random noises he hears are only "Uncle T".


  1. Baaahahahaha!! Can you say THERAPY? Hahaha jk Em. That is funny though. Mean!---but funny.

  2. You are cruel. Those poor innocent kids are going to have MANY nights of worry now... :(

  3. hahah you are soooo rude 1. Its sooo weird to see Dre is talking WTH ive seen the kid like 4 times.. 2. Myla's voice should be in the movies lol she is soooo perfect!!