Tuesday, July 10

Whitney's Night!

2 weekends ago was my friend, Whitneys, bachelorette party!
Let me just say, it was too fun.

The day started with lunch, shopping, nonsense and then made our way to Park City.
We surprised Whit with a "Slumber Party" first thing. Afterwards, got ready for the night.....

{jasmine, jessica, whitney, ashley, sarah, me}

{get off me. jk, get on me.}

{filled our bellies with chips, salsa, guac and queso}

{'downstairs' in pc}

...we FINALLY made it back to our condo, exhausted, sore feet, sweaty & anything else you can think of. Got in the hot tub for a bit, the rest of the night is history.

July 21 is her big day!
Can't wait!

Bonus picture
 {this is a face only i could love}
 {she is going to kill me}


  1. bahahah i AM going to kill you!!! drunk ppl should not take pics of themselves...

  2. Lol love it, drunk selfies are the best.