Saturday, July 14


Last weekend Drey & I met up with my mom & Keith in Phoenix! We had so much fun.
It was BLAZING hot so pool time was everyday, twice a day.
Saturday my mom's drill unit had 'family day' so we got to go hang out with her and her peeps for a few hours, eat food, color, paint, blow bubbles, and get wet! Dreydan was so excited to hang out with his buddy Max all weekend too.

Ever watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the food network? Well we hit up a place that had been featured on the show, Joe's Farm Grill, and it was so YUM! 
Guess where else I went? Sprinkles Cupcakes! You want to be me. I know, totally get it. They were amazing, scrumptious, flavalicious, to die for! I'm so drooling right now.
Then to complete our trip, we stopped at Lake Powell for lunch on our way home. Love that place!

chocolate marshmallow, red velvet
dark chocolate banana, peanut butter chocolate

drey, my mom

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