Thursday, February 16

I believe congrats are in order!

This summer is all about love.
June and July in particular will have a special place in two hearts.
There will be two weddings that I not only get the priviledge of attending, but being part of as a bridesmaid! I'm such a lucky girl...

~Paige Donoghue~
 We met at Snow College as roommates and fellow teammates for the SC Badgerettes, we've been in love ever since.
She's engaged to be married to Shawn Holbrook on June 7th.
She's the sweetest person inside & out.

~Whitney Calhoun~
I was first introduced to her by my husbands BFF as his "baby mama". But behind her back it was "my future wife" Aww!
She's engaged to be married to Taylor Jeski on July 21st.
She's fabulous and I can't. wait. to get floppy with her!


These bride-to-be's are beautiful, their weddings will be amazing and i'm so so so genuinely happy for both of them.

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  1. I didn't know you had 2 weddings to be part of this summer, how fun!!!!! You're so sweet. Can't wait to get floppy, woot woot.