Sunday, February 26

Dreydan meets Max!


My mom is like a 3rd grandma to this boy so it was about time for him and Dreydan to meet. He's the son of my moms friend in Arizona and my mom just adores him. He's the only child and is an absolute blessing to his parents because they started a little later in life and so they weren't sure if they'd get pregnant. 

Max just turned 2 and he was an angel! He was the sweetest thing ever. When we walked into their house, there were toys everywhere. I felt like I had just walked into a daycare center that only cared for one child. But Max knew that all of those toys were HIS, so when Drey tried playing with anything, Max was not happy. 

They both warmed up and after a while they were like long lost buddies! Then a few days before we left Az, we took the boys to the zoo in Tuscon. They were in heaven! I can't tell you how flippin' cute little boys are at the zoo. Especially Drey & Max. They knew the animals and their noises, and they had so much fun.

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