Thursday, October 27

All about Dreydan.

When I say, "Wanna go for a ride?" he'll go run by the door, wait, and if I take too long he'll start grunting and reaching for the door handle.

He'll only wrestle with Tyler. During the day i'll try to wrestle with him but he'll scream and push me away. WTF!?

He loves drinking out of the sippy cups with straws in them. Little messy but hey, whatever makes my baby happy. (thanks for the tip Whit!)

He can say the words: dad, football, this, please, eat, dog, shoe, truck, bye, see. Still no MAMA, whatever.

When we're driving around he'll point out the windows at everything and say, ''see? see?''. It's my favorite.

On cue he can make the sounds of a: dog, cat, monkey, lion, bird, bear, snake, dragon, elephant, cow, and a truck. And when I ask him he'll point to his eye, cheek, hair, hand, mouth, tongue, ear(sometimes), nose, and belly button.

I don't even want to talk about mealtimes, they're a DISASTER. He won't eat anything but chips and popcorn. Kill. Me.

 It's a good thing he's so damn cute...
Love him!



  1. You need to enter that picture of Drey naked on his bike somewhere! You would win some serious money!So cute!!

  2. This is my second attempt at commenting- hopefully it works ;-) I had no idea you were blogging- yay!!! Your little one is so handsome!!! Thanks for the words of encouragement!!!