Tuesday, November 1


First of all, Cedar City is NOT the place for Halloween. Their festivals are jacked up with WEIRDOS, trick-or-treating lights were off by 8, and a total of maybe 10 houses were 'in the spirit'! Lameee.

But because we're awesome, we still had a fun night! We stopped at a couple of friends' first before tackling the town so Drey could show off how cute he looked as our little Dragon. I have been teaching him to "Roar" and put his hands up when I ask what a dragon says. Of course, on this night when we asked he wouldn't do it. Only when HE wanted to.  

He was an awesome Trick-or-Treater though! I'd put the bag in front of him, knock on the door, when it was opened he'd just stare at them (Tyler or me would say the magic words), and he'd reach into the candy bowl and put the candy in his bag. That's my boy!

Batman, Dragon, Football player
Ah! So so so cute!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
Until next year...

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