Wednesday, October 19


Tyler had a game at Cal-Poly (It's in San Luis Obispo, CA) on the 15th, and if ya'll remember my birthday was the 14th. So I told my mom I wanted her to take me out there for my birthday. She did. We drove out Friday morning and got back yesterday. It was a blast! Got to see my Aunt Annette, Uncle Brook and my 2 cousins Maddy & Kate along the way! We stayed in Pismo beach, did alot of sightseeing, beach playing, board walking, seal feeding, shopping, and a little of everything else. Our last night we stayed in LA at my sisters. We saw Forest Lawn (super upscale cemetery and the only way you get to be buried there or have your own crypt is if you're 'invited'. MJ is buried there), went to 'Crumbs' cupcake yummy!, walked Hollywood Blvd and did I mention my sister lives like 8 houses away from the "Manson House"? Yea, freaky!

Remember the movie Phenomenon with John Travolta? I went to the bar where that movie was filmed! Anyone want to touch me?  "I've walked where John has walked." 

Last but not least, I came home to a banner on the wall saying "Happy Birthday Emily!" from my hubby, and a couple presents to pair of Vans, a zebra print snuggie, and some fuzzy socks! Uhhhh he's so hot. Love him!

{THEE bar}

{my mama & baby boo during ty's game}

{dreydan baby}

{pismo beach pier}

{manson house... like a creep}

{kim, drey, kellie}

Fabulous Birthday weekend!
Thanks Mom & Keith!

P.S. SUU lost, 27-30. Eff.

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