Monday, January 23

utah hogle zoo

so this was the first time baby girl had been to the zoo. she loves animals and i thought before it got too cold, it would be fun to visit! it was about a week until halloween, so we got to see it all decorated and festive. so cute.

drey loves his sister so much, and he was so excited to take her around and show her the animals, make the noises and act a fool to make her laugh. he followed her around, never letting her get to far from his reach and told her everything he knew about anything. "these are zeeee-bruhs but you can also say zeb-ruh because that's the right way." omg freakin' swoon.

we love the zoo and stayed as long as we could. they have been updating and recreating it and there is so much to see and do! we can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can go again.


  1. How fun! Drey is such a good big brother. Adorable pictures!

    1. he totally is the best big brother ever. love them.