Wednesday, September 14

taking stock

making: tapestries. i've become obsessed with yarn.. so weird because i hate yarn.
drinking: bundaberg peach juice. it's an australian company that sells in select stores around me and i've recently become obsessed. 
reading: blogs. so lame but i'm trying to catch up on the lives of people i don't know. 
cooking: fried zucchini and homemade ranch dip for it. my bikini bod is struggling this year. 
wanting: a pair of white chucks. i'm ready to try and be cool. 
looking: for my library card. 
playing: britney's new album all day. i'm obsessed. go ahead and judge me.
wasting: time on twitter. too much time. i live a double life and i'm totally a political troll online. chelsea handler personally called me out after i called her out.. oh yea, i'm a big deal.
sewing: a baby blanket for a friend who is due on halloween! lucky little baby. and okay i'm not doing the actual sewing, my mother in law is. same thing tho.
wishing: for more time in the day. lawd help me.
enjoying: summerrrr! ah i love summer. i never want it leave me, ever.
waiting: for november. election month! who are you voting for? tell me and i'll tell you. i'll give you hint... trump. 
liking: extra lime in everything. 
wondering: who killed jonbenet?! who!?
loving: my new car! we finally did it. 
hoping: i run into josh gates from expedition unknown. love him and that show.
needing: everything. i'm soooo needy, just ask my husband. 
helping: my children through life. staying alive is the goal.
smelling: rain. 
wearing: hello apparel tee's. i've recently noticed that that's all i pretty much have in my closet.
following: kate hudson on snapchat. she's what i look forward to every morning.
noticing: i'm gaining weight. eff.
thinking: about my mama. she's on her 3rd deployment and is set to come home soon. can't wait!
feeling: heavy. legit.. i can't stop eating.
bookmarking: hey! speaking of bookmarks, i have a really fun bookmark printable that i've been meaning to print out.
opening: pta invites. listen, i don't care if you're jesus, i won't be joining pta.
giggling: at instagram memes. holy hell i have no life.

what's your stock looking like these days?